How to Wow Your Clients This Christmas

How to Wow Your Clients This Christmas
How to Wow Your Clients This Christmas

Christmas provides the perfect opportunity to reach out to your clients. If you want to secure their custom in 2019 and make them feel 100% satisfied with your service, use the festive season to your advantage by embracing the fun and creative ways to thank them for their custom.

Not only will it put a big smile on their face, but it could lead to greater word of mouth, which will ensure you meet or exceed your financial goals next year. Find out how to wow your clients this Christmas.

Host a Christmas Party for Your Clients and Suppliers

Celebrate the festive season with all your major clients and suppliers by hosting a Christmas party. The event will allow everyone to come together to have a little fun in an informal setting. Not only will it help you to get to know your clients on a more personal level, but it may also provide a great networking opportunity for your clients and suppliers.

Send a Hand-Written Christmas Card

Rather than sending a client an email wishing them a Merry Christmas, take some time out of your day to handwrite and mail a Christmas card, which should feature a personal note inside. For instance, it could thank them for choosing your products or services and should feature a kind greeting for Christmas and New Year.

Buy a Gift for Major Clients

If you want to ensure your major clients don’t leave you in 2019, consider sending them a thoughtful gift this Christmas. For example, you could send them a premium bottle of wine or a high-quality pen. If you know their likes and dislikes, consider sending him or her tickets to a show or event near them, which you can discover at Ticket Sale.

Send a Personalized Item

Prove you view a client as more than just a number by sending them a personalized item. For instance, a mug or stationery item that features their name will make them feel valued. Plus, they will think of your brand every time they use the item, and it will remind them of your exceptional customer service.

Give them a Call with a Seasonal Greeting

It might even be helpful to give your clients a call. Don’t ring with a business question or to promote a product or service, and simply call to wish them a happy Christmas and all the best for the new year. They will appreciate the time you have set aside to give them a call with a seasonal greeting.

Send them a Book They Might Like

As you will know your clients’ industries both inside and out, you could always send them a book you think they might like. Carefully choose a book that could help them to excel in 2019, and add in a hand-written note that explains why you chose it for them. It is a kind-hearted Christmas gesture that may help you to develop a more personal connection with a client.

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