Why go into marketing?

The world of marketing is increasing at an alarming rate. Once, marketing was mainly about newspapers and adverts. Now, it’s digital. It’s about directing traffic to websites and promotion on social media. But it’s much more than that.

Thinking about going into marketing? It’s a great career to consider with plenty of areas to dive into. Here are some of the reasons to go into marketing.

There are plenty of opportunities

With the marketing world growing drastically, now is a great time to consider entering the field. There are so many opportunities. You could join a digital company (see here for digital marketing in Birmingham) or work within the marketing team of a larger company. All brands rely on promotion, so most companies have their own marketing teams. It’s a lucrative career option that doesn’t look like it’ll be slowing down any time soon. 

You can use your transferrable skills

The great thing about marketing is that you can learn on the job. Sure, some people who go into marketing study it first, but others find their way into marketing through their transferable skills. Someone with an English degree, for example, might enjoy marketing as it often involves writing. Someone else with a background in customer service might enjoy the people side of marketing, as they might be regularly managing freelancers and communicating with clients. So, marketing can be a great career option for those with lots of relevant transferable skills.


It’s creative

Marketing is a great career choice because it’s creative. Roles vary, but you might find a position involving writing, creating content, editing videos or taking photos. You’ll be encouraged to be creative and think outside the box. You might be managing a social media account or creating an email campaign. It’s a great career choice for people who like to be creative and use their skills to make a difference. It’s also perfect for those who like variety in their day to day work. You might find that you work on a number of different projects and no two days are the same.

You meet new people 

Working in marketing can also be great for those who like to collaborate. Most roles involve working within a team for certain projects and make the most of each other’s skills. You’ll find that you have a tight team that gels together and enjoys collaborating. Working in marketing can also be perfect for those who like to meet people. There will be plenty of opportunities to network and expand your professional circle.

It’s exciting

There’s no doubt about it: working in marketing is exciting. There are more opportunities for career growth and networking than most other fields. With its rapid expansion, the future of marketing looks exciting. It’s a great industry to be in if you like developing your skills and learning new things. You could learn about SEO or editing. You might see your own work up on a billboard or on a product. Each new day is an opportunity. What’s not exciting about that?