Why Do We Have Such a Fear of Failure ?

Why Do We Have Such a Fear of Failure ?

Everyone has failed at something or other at some point. How to deal with failure, in such a way, that we transform it into an opportunity?

Failure is the state or condition of not meeting a desirable or intended objective, and may be viewed as the opposite of success. Failure though is the every day reality of the ones who dare to get out of the the comfort zone in order to pursue a dream. What we keep forgetting is that dreams change. It is through failure that we come to better understand that everybody’s definition of success is different and will evolve (just like our dreams) over the course of our careers.

People with an entrepreneurial spirit, will sooner or later face failure in their career. Sometimes, many times. Failure is never easy, and if it keeps happening, might trigger fear and trauma. Negative memories might prevent people from venturing again into new adventures. Unfortunately, it is precisely through the process of trial and error, that one grows and polishes what one aims to bring into the world. The best way to deal with fear of failure is by becoming aware of it, of fear ,with an observing mind, By embracing fear, one might be able to transform it into a motivator for success.

Accepting fear is not easy. How to deal with fear?Fortunately, there are experts out there with a wealth of knowledge on the subject.

I’M Magazine interviewed Vafa Akhavan about failure, and why fear blocks us from pursuing our dreams.

Vafa Akhavan is the founder of NueBridge, which provides advisory services to corporate and private equity clients on growth strategies, operational excellence and customer ecosystems.

He served as President and CEO of The Forum Corporation, a global consulting firm based in Boston that specializes in leadership, sales and customer experience development.

Previously Vafa was Vice President Global Customer Operations at McGraw Hill’s Information & Media. Prior to this, he led the global consulting business of J.D. Power and Associates in non-automotive verticals.

He has worked with over 500 clients from around the world, covering 7 sectors, and 16 countries across 3 continents.

Vafa was awarded an MBA in Global Management from the University of Phoenix and an honorary BFA from York University. He is also an award winning filmmaker and achieved the Gold Standard Certification for Personal Survival from the British Amateur Swimming Association.

You can check I’M Magazine to watch the rest of Vafa Akhavan’s interview.