Why Courier Companies Should Invest in Multi-Stop Route Planner Apps

It is difficult to remember before the days of GPS and route planning apps. Courier companies can now provide much more efficient and precise deliveries thanks to such technological tools.

However, many courier firms have yet to upgrade to multi-stop route planner apps despite the fact that the apps provide numerous benefits.

If you operate a courier company, here are the key reasons why you should invest in a multi-stop route planner.

Why Courier Companies Should Invest in Multi-Stop Route Planner Apps

Greater Efficiency

Inefficiency in any business can lead to high costs and low productivity, so the same applies to courier companies.

Quite simply, the more efficient every element of your system is, from packing vans to finding the shortest delivery routes, the smoother your operations will be. In turn, that leads to higher productivity, customer loyalty, and client retention.

A multi-stop route planner enables the most efficient routes between multiple delivery destinations to be plotted. Furthermore, the best multi-stop route planners use real-time traffic data to alter routes as required to find the most optimum routes.

With a multi-point schedule that uses routes optimized by time and distance, and which changes in real-time according to traffic conditions, orders can always be delivered on time.

Before you go ahead and get a multi-stop route planner app, you should spend some time comparing different ones to find the right features for your needs. Find your ideal delivery route planner app by checking out the in-depth reviews in this article.

Cost Savings

Greater efficiency does not only enable your courier company to deliver packages on time. It also leads to cost savings.

When the most efficient routes are plotted, and when they are altered in real-time in relation to traffic conditions, fuel and operational costs are lowered. On the other hand, when drivers are sitting in traffic with their engines on, for example, your company is literally burning money.

Driver Performance Analysis

Another reason why courier companies should invest in multi-stop route planner apps is they gain the ability to analyze drivers’ performance.

Issues like late arrivals can be highlighted and actual driving time or mileage can be tracked to help operations managers identify any driver performance problems. Action can then be taken to find solutions.

Customer Satisfaction

When your company increases its efficiency by using a multi-stop route planner app, it leads to customer and client satisfaction.

The customers you are delivering to are happy with your service because your drivers deliver on time or send updates and the clients you are delivering goods for are satisfied that you are helping them to maintain their reputation.

While deliveries can almost always be delivered on time with the help of multi-stop route planning apps, no courier company can deliver on-time 100% of the time. Things like road accidents and bad weather conditions can cause late deliveries.

But when you use the best route planners, updates can be automatically sent to waiting customers to inform them of the delay and the new estimated time of delivery. Again, that means a higher level of customer satisfaction. Customers will not mind that their orders are late as long as there is a good reason and they are kept in the loop.

The more efficient and smooth your courier system is, the more you will gain customer satisfaction and retention. In turn, that means your company gains a good reputation which it can build upon to expand further.

Summing Up

If your courier company has not yet invested in a multi-stop route planner app, it is about time it did.

You can improve efficiency, save money, analyze driver performance and identify ways of making improvements, and create customer satisfaction.

Just make sure you shop around to find the right multi-stop route planner app for your needs.