What Starting A New Job In A Pandemic Looks Like

What Starting A New Job In A Pandemic Looks Like

Starting a new job is stressful under any circumstances. However, in these very unusual times, being the new guy or girl has the added challenge of being an entirely new experience. And, everyone – including the companies – are winging it.

Onboarding Software

Companies have been forced to be a lot savvier in their approaches, for example, with HR solutions to help onboard new employees at the start of their remote working journey. 

It is now more important than ever to reassure new staff that they are joining a professional company that has their best interests at heart. 

Therefore, this type of software offers an end to end resource for them to find out everything about their new workplace and also access learning tools and content. 

It also helps them to learn all about your company, as they won’t be having traditional inductions and face to face onboarding, so it is crucial that you have an efficient process in place to help them learn as much as possible.

Video Calls and Meet-ups

Additionally, employees are now ‘meeting’ their whole workforce via video apps, such as Zoom and Skype. This is where large group meetings are taking place, but also introductions, client meetings, one to ones, and team building.

There are no more catch ups over a coffee to introduce yourself to a colleague from another department, everything is virtual. Also, online chat tools are more commonly used for quick questions rather than popping over to someone’s desk to ask in person.

Prioritising Time Outside

If you were in a normal scenario where you were office-based, you might pop out for a walk on your lunch break for some fresh air. However, being the new person in an organisation where you are working remotely, it is easy to let this slide.

You will probably feel compelled to take on every task handed to you because you want to prove that you are productive. 

But, remember, just because you are working remotely does not mean that you are less entitled to a break – in fact, it is now more important than ever. There are even a few ways that you can bring the outside in with some clever design hacks to improve your well-being.

More Support Than Ever

One surprising fact about being the newbie in a pandemic is that you are likely to find that everybody is a lot more supportive under the circumstances. 

Although you might fear that colleagues will be watching you more closely to make sure you aren’t slacking off, the majority of people will sympathise with the unique situation of starting a job during a global pandemic.

Because people appreciate that it is hard for you to make friendships and connections as easily, they will be happy to help out with a query more readily and help get you settled in.

Therefore, there are a lot of big changes to starting a job during the pandemic, with experiences that most people have not and will not probably ever encounter in their lifetime, but it is not all bad. In actual fact, there are some positives to be taken away from it.


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