What Makes A Video Go Viral On Social Media?

What Makes A Video Go Viral On Social Media?

There’s a well-known saying that a picture paints a thousand world. You can imagine the impact video makes! These days, many companies use videos as a way to promote their brands, products and services. If done right, videos can go viral and open up a brand to all kinds of untapped markets.
But, if a video is only mediocre at best, one can expect a relatively small outcome from it. Businesses often spend lots of money trying to make their videos go viral. Of course, they don’t always succeed. If you’re new to video marketing, how can you increase the chances of your video going viral?

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The following tips will help you to create a video that is likely to explode with views on social media!

Short videos are great at capturing people’s attention

A short video is, to an extent, just like a TV ad. They are usually around 30 seconds long and are visually appealing. Their job is to hook people into learning about a particular message such as trying to pitch a new product or service.

Within that 30-second time frame, you must ensure that it looks aesthetically pleasing because it’s all about the visuals in videos. If you’re using a GoPro, you can use this Lut pack for GoPro and then experiment on different presents so you’ll be able to determine which one to apply to make it more attractive.

You could create a phenomenal short video that reaches out to your target demographic. That video can then get shared across various social media platforms.

How-To videos are good at demonstrating stuff

A tactic that some companies use is to promote their products on demonstration videos. A rough guide to a successful how-to video formula is as follows:

  • Identify a problem;
  • Show how your product solves it.

That’s it! Of course, it makes sense that your demonstration video is clear, concise, and professional. Using your iPhone to film it, while a viable option, won’t produce the best quality production. Instead, cooperating with a corporate video production company can help you make something engaging to viewers. Don’t skimp on how you produce your video, otherwise it will show in the end result!

The proof is in the pudding

So you want to convince people that what you offer is better than those offered by competitors. What’s the best way of doing that? Well, you could give people visible proof!

Let’s say that you sell a product that gets rid of mould in just 60 seconds. You could spend a fortune having a copywriter create some brilliant marketing text. But, people want to see proof that your product works before buying it.

It’s just like the fabric stain remover ads you see on TV. They show viewers how the product does what it says. They don’t just show an attractive bottle on TV and have a presenter talk about its benefits.

Jump on the holiday and special events bandwagon

Are you an aspiring retailer of flowers that people can buy online? If so, you should use videos to market your brand. But don’t just say stuff like “buy my flowers for your Valentine this year.

Instead, you should think about funny yet memorable scenarios. If you get this right, your videos will go viral. People will share them on YouTube, Facebook and other social platforms!

Well, I hope you’ve found today’s blog post useful. Thanks for checking it out!