What is Happening Today at the Disruptive Innovation Festival ?


Headline Act: “The Values Behind the Circular Economy” with George Lakoff

We take how we think, and how we take decisions for granted. For the most part we are wrong.

It’s the point that Professor Lakoff will make in his headline act on Tuesday at 17:00 GMT. A world renowned expert in cognitive science and linguistics at the University of California, Berkeley, Lakoff will bring his experience to a webinar that focuses on the ways in which we think about the economy, how it relates to our worldview, our values and politics.

Is the ‘circular economy’ part of a new narrative, if so, what values underpin it? A vital webinar for all those interested in how change happens.

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George Lakoff

12:00 GMT: Growing Better Buildings

Dr Ing. Guglielmo Carra

This talk presents the first worldwide example of a structural façade system built with biocomposite materials. These are made of natural fibres, such as flax, jute, hemp, and natural resin derived from sugar cane and corn: all fast­ growing plants that regenerate in short cycles and can be converted into lightweight products with good mechanical and physical behavior.

Join this session to discover how biocomposites make it possible to imagine a “urban bio-loop”, where plants grow, are consequently used to make building components, and finally are either recycled or composted, to create new natural composites or to fertilise the soil and grow new plants.

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18:00 GMT: Discussing Two Frameworks: Biomimicry and the Circular Economy

Gretchen Hooker

Join Gretchen Hooker of the Biomimicry Institute and Colin Webster of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation as they discuss the crossovers between two frameworks: biomimicry and the circular economy. The video is intended as a conversation-starter, and it covers design, economics, and misconceptions of both frameworks. Both speakers have extensive knowledge of introducing their respective frameworks to educators.

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Headliner Grand Finale tomorrow!

Don’t miss our live streamed Headliner Grand Finale event tomorrow! It starts at 15:00 with Michelle Unger, the voice of IBM’s Watson and explores a variety of themes related to the Disruptive Innovation Festival, including a showcase film of Brazilian sugarcane farmer Leontino Balbo Jr and his work in revitalising agriculture, and a deeper exploration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with Entilic CEO, Jeremy Howard and Snips CEO, Rand Hindi.


Also on the DIF Today…

Ellen MacArthur Foundation stage

10:00-10:30 GMT – A Wealth of Flows

12:00-12:30 GMT – Growing Better Buildings

15:00-15:45 GMT – No Business Model Lasts Forever

16:30-17:15 GMT – The Pig Idea: ‘Let Them Eat Waste’

16:30-17:00 GMT – Making a Success of the Triple Bottom Line

18:30-19:15 GMT – Making a Success of AgTech

Big Top Tents

08:30-09:00 GMT – Applying Teardown Principles for Network Design/Redesign in a Circular Economy – University Technology Sydney

10:00-11:30 GMT – A Global Perspective: What Does the Circular Economy Offer to ‘Advanced Economies’ – University of Exeter

11:00-11:10 GMT – Resource Efficient and Circular Economy Research and Innovation – Part 2 – University of Sheffield

12:00-13:00 GMT – Immortal Resources: Back to the Drawing Board in Manufacturing – Loughborough University

14:00-14:45 GMT – Structural Sheet and the Circular Economy – University College London

14:00-14:45 GMT – Design a Food System Revolution 2 – Biomimicry Institute

15:00-15:45 GMT – СверхКритические Флюидные Технологии (СКФТ) как одна из базовых технологий циклической экономики – ITMO University

18:30-20:00 GMT – From Speculative Finance to Sustainable Finance – University of Edinburgh

Open Mic stage

13:00-14:00 GMT – Designing For Increased Recycling in New Developments

13:30-14:00 GMT – Do Consumers Want It Circular?

16:00-17:00 GMT – Head to Head Live: Future of Innovation Debate

18:00-19:00 GMT – Cradle to Cradle und Ernährung

19:30-20:30 GMT – Closing the Loop for Consumer Products: Our Thoughts and Yours!

20:00-20:45 GMT – Bitcoin and the Blockchain: An Uncensored FinTech Disruption Talk