What Is an MCO and How to Trade it?

What Is an MCO and How to Trade it?

MCO is a token offered by Crypto.com. The company was established back in 2016 and its main goal was to promote the global transition from fiat money to cryptocurrencies. Right now, it offers several products, including a wallet, a card app, credit, and more. 

The company features 170+ employees, and its headquarters are located in Hong Kong.

How Does MCO Rank?

The current price of a single unit of MCO is $1.41, although it has been pretty volatile lately, so we suggest you check the latest price yourself. 

MCO’s total supply is set to 31,587,682 MCO, with approximately 15.7 million already circulating, but there’s no data on the maximum possible supply for this cryptocurrency. The MCO market cap is $21.5 million at the moment, and the cryptocurrency is ranked 346 on CoinMarketCap.

MCO’s highest-ever price was $27.1, which was reached on August 29, 2017. The all-time low was before that, on July 16, 2017.

How to Trade MCO?

Just like every other cryptocurrency out there, MCO can be traded for other cryptos. You can do it on centralized (CEX) and decentralized (DEX) exchanges, although we’re not sure how many centralized sites will allow buying MCO for fiat money.

The process of trading MCO on decentralized exchanges is relatively simple, especially if you use a beginner-friendly platform, such as Godex.io. Therefore, we’ll explain how it works using Godex as an example.

First of all, you need to load the exchange. Decentralized exchanges are usually “on-the-fly,” meaning you don’t have to open an account to start using its services. Such is the case with Godex.io.

Selecting the Cryptocurrency Trading Pair

There are two scenarios: you either have some MCO and want to sell it or want to buy it using another cryptocurrency.

In case you own MCO and want to exchange it for another digital currency, you need to select MCO in the field on the left (the asset you are selling) and the crypto you want to buy in the field on the right.

Let’s say you want to convert MCO to COS. Simply select MCO and COS in relevant fields.

All you have to do is specify the amount of MCO you wish to sell, and the Godex.io converter will automatically calculate the amount you’ll get in COS.

You’ll find the destination address field below the converter. That’s where your wallet address for COS should be entered since decentralized exchanges do not host any money. Instead, they’ll be loaded into your wallet immediately. 

However, if you want to buy MCO, it should be in the ‘You Buy’ field. In that case, just select crypto you’ll send in exchange for MCO and enter your wallet’s address.

Main Advantages of Godex.io

We didn’t choose Godex.io arbitrarily, as it’s currently the best platform for trading MCO, and it’s suitable for beginners. Here are the three most significant advantages of Godex.io.

  • No upper limits — you can trade as much cryptocurrency as you want. As a decentralized exchange, Godex.io can remove the upper caps for trading. However, there are minimum limits that vary depending on the cryptocurrency you trade.
  • Low costs — Compared to many CEXs and even DEXs, Godex.io comes with pretty low fees.
  • Anonymity — You don’t have to leave any sensitive data on the site.

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