What are the top places that you need to visit in Coorg?

Coorg is one of the most important weekend destinations in South India and is a very important hill station located in Karnataka. This place is very much famous for the coffee production associated with it along with a very rich environment and lush green forest, diverse culture and several other kinds of related benefits and reasons with it. Speaking of the geography of this particular area, it is a natural wonder in the true sense because it is located on the eastern slopes of the Western Ghats which is covering approximately more than 4000 km² in south-west Karnataka. This particular region has been very well considered a separate administration till 1956 but later on, it was merged with the Mysore division.

Most of the important sightseeing places in this particular place include the hills, waterfalls, rivers and coffee plantations. Some of the most important places that you need to visit in this particular city after you stay at the Tamara Coorg are explained as follows:

  1. ABBEY Falls: This place is very well located at a distance of approximately 8 km from the main town and is one of the most important tourist places in the entire city. It is very much famous for the natural beauty possessed by it and ultimately is one of the most important places to be visited by individuals especially enthusiasts of nature. The site of the cascading waterfall of this particular place makes it definitely worth it and ultimately people will be able to enjoy the combination of several streams which will be falling together to formulate a particular cliff and a pool of water. Climbing to the hanging Bridge and kicking the photographs of the view of the waterfall is definitely one of the best possible activities which people can indulge in over here.
  2. Madikeri Fort:Visiting this particular 17th-century old building is also definitely a very good idea. This is a very important historical and cultural background place which is clear-cut evidence of different kinds of battles. This place is also floating a particular museum into it and ultimately has been very much successful including the church made inside it. As per history, this particular fort has already been built several times and ultimately helps in providing people with very good benefits. Ultimately this place is under the protection of the archaeological survey of India now.
  3. DUBARE elephant camp: This place is one of the most important travel destinations in this particular area, especially for the enthusiasts associated with wildlife. This particular elephant camp is one of the most important projects undertaken by the forest department of that particular state and ultimately provides people with good opportunities of remaining close to the elephants. In this case, people will be definitely able to create some of the best memories and ultimately this place is successful in attracting thousands of people across the globe every year. Elephants were already used to train for Dussehra performance in Mysore and ultimately this place is very much helpful in providing people with writing activities as well. People can easily take participation in the 3 hours of Elephant interaction over here without any problem.
  4. Omkareshwar temple: This particular place was built by a king in 1820 year. This temple is very well dedicated to Lord Shiva and very well represents the combined form of architecture of Islam with GOTHIC. This is a very popular tourist destination which is helpful in attracting a significant number of tourists from different fields across the globe. This particular historical temple is very well standing in the sector and four corners of the place are very well surrounded by TURRETS. Everyone will be able to get the best possible glimpses from the entrance itself and in the front of the Temple there is also a water tank situated which is very well inhibited by the significant variety of fish.
  5. KOTEBETTA PEAK: This is the third highest possible peak in the entire region which provides people with a very mesmerising view of the entire area. Location wise this particular place is very well located between the Madikeri town along with other areas which makes sure that it can be easily reached out without any hassle. This particular area very well looks like a foot on the top of the hill which is also helpful in providing people with a very good tracking activity without any problem. Ultimately it is helpful in surrounding the people with lush green surroundings and also makes sure that everyone will be able to deal with things very easily. Everyone will be able to enjoy the track and click the awesome photographs of the surroundings over here without any doubt in the whole process.
  6. KARADA village: This is a very popular hill station in South India and is also considered to be one of the most important honeymoon destinations. This is located approximately 830 km distance from Madikeri town and is the ideal location to spend these days in the proper surroundings of nature with the life partner. This is also home to the ancestral people of the city of Coorg and ultimately is helpful in providing people with a good number of natural settings. Apart from the very comfortable stay, people will be able to enjoy the authentic options of the city inside here which will be helpful in making sure that everyone will be able to enjoy the most memorable honeymoon without any problem. Basically, everybody will be able to get the home-like ambience in this particular city.
  7. Nehru mandap: This place is a very secluded spot in this particular city and is very well looking at the Madikeri radio station. This is a very important travel destination for the people in the city of Coorg who are having a specific love for nature. This place will be definitely helpful in providing people with access to our refreshing, composed and natural setting to remain in a very rejuvenated position at all times.

In addition to the above-mentioned points, visiting the city of Coorg and planning the stay at the Tamara Coorg is definitely a good idea for people so that they can enjoy easy access to the places mentioned above.