What Are Social Signals And How Do They Affect SEO?

What Are Social Signals And How Do They Affect SEO?

Social signals are positive or negative signals on social media that search engines use as a measure of the quality of content. Votes on LinkedIn, likes on Facebook, retweets on Twitter, and other indications that someone likes the content is a positive social media signal. Votes down on sites like Reddit are a negative social signal. But how do social media signals affect SEO and why are they so important?

How Social Signals Affect SEO

Google stated that social signals and social media sharing are now among the top three or four search engine ranking factors. Direct social signals search engines take into account are the number of social media shares of your content, the number of followers on each platform for your brand, and the number of mentions of your company or its brand name on social media.

Social signals can indirectly improve your search engine optimization. Social media discussions generate inbound links and citations that improve your brand’s weight with search engines. Social media sharing of links is considered more important than the sheer quality of links when measuring the quality of the content and correct SERP. An engaged community of customers on social media is more likely to give you positive reviews, especially if you ask your followers to do exactly that. People who read about your product from enthusiastic customers and then follow links to your site are more likely to stay on your site for a while; the higher time on site is read by search engines as a strong indication of quality.

As social media becomes a major focal point for user interaction with the web, expect social signals to grow in importance in determining the search engine ranking of content.

How to Adapt to the Growing Importance of Social Signals to SEO

Have a consistent social media presence across every major social media platform. Include a backlink to your home page and links to other social media accounts. This helps you have the base from which you can build social signals that improve your SEO.

Share links to your content via social media to generate positive social signals. You can increase the odds a link will go viral by asking people who like the content to share it themselves.Set up hashtags for your company and brand. Then dominate them with links to your own content or website. If you don’t know how to create relevant hashtags or create socially active content, digital marketing company Single Grain can help you accomplish this.
The number of reviews and positivity of reviews also has a significant impact on local SEO. Asking your followers to give you positive reviews is the best approach to getting many positive reviews.

You can indirectly improve your brand’s weight with search engines and related content by encouraging people to follow you on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. You can significantly improve it by putting buttons up on the page so they can follow you on Facebook, sign up for your RSS feed, or follow you on Twitter at the touch of a button. You’ll gain another follower of your content in a way that generates positive social signals to search engines.

The Top Factors

Social signals like votes and sharing of links are already among the top factors search engines use to rank content and its importance is only going to grow.