Ways to Monitor Your Social Media Success

Ways to Monitor Your Social Media Success
Ways to Monitor Your Social Media Success

Social media marketing strategies have both tangible and intangible returns. However, some aspects of social media can also prove to be virtually priceless. It is of utmost importance to know what strategy is working for you by monitoring your social media success. Here are essential tips to help you do that in a simple and effective manner that we have tested on our startup shop smart.

Use Social Media Measuring Tools

There are a myriad of highly effective tools that enable you to measure your social media activity in seconds. These tools have a system integrated with high-end features that give out information such as the click-through statistics, likes, retweets, followers growth rate and the number of shares. For example, Facebook’s metrics can show the peak traffic and the page’s fan composition. Technorati notifies you when your brand has been named in the blogosphere and Twitter search allows you to monitor your brand on Twitter.

Identify Actions that Generate More Traffic

Social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have features that enable you to identify which tweet or post generated the most traffic and brought quality clicks on the website links. These platforms integrate Google URL Builder with their systems to allow you identify such actions and see the variations of posts or tweets that provided quality clicks. If you want to access Google URL builder’s functionality, you simply go your website’s Google Analytics then paste the website’s URL you want to link to the social media page.

Use Google Alerts to measure the Rate of Expansion.

Google has tremendous power to measure the success of your social media through the Google Alerts. By using Google Alerts, you can identify other places on the platform that picked up your social media marketing campaign and other posts. It then notifies you of the event through your social media messaging system. It also illustrates all the outside activities that contributed to quality campaign on the website.

Follower Growth Positioning

When you post content on your platform page, you can notice your followers comment on a specific subject you post. The followers and the likes may increase in the process. This can happen if your post provides relevant, interesting and engaging information on the platform. People tend to cling and follow such posts. If you realize that the connection and the number of followers are continually increasing over a given time, then your social media page is likely to be successful.

Analyze the Time Savings

You need to measure the time saved to complete a successful campaign and the time taken to achieve the business goals quickly. This makes it possible to see clearly the rate of Return on Involvement in social media. If you spend a day on social media with little or nothing on the table, then it is not working for you.

There are so many intelligence out there that you can use. We cannot discuss all of them but the ones mentioned above will be of great importance in rating your success level in social media.