Ways that Employee Absence Management Benefits Wellbeing

Ways that Employee Absence Management Benefits Wellbeing

Employees absences can hugely impact all parties in a business.

In certain circumstances, an absence can’t be avoided,especially if it is due to severe mental and physical conditions, so workplaces should ensure there are measures in place to help staff return to work safely.

To highlight the importance of an absence managementservice in the workplace, we will share some knowledge on how itcan benefit staff wellbeing:

Long-term absence

The longer an absence is, the more it’s going to affect both the employer and employee.

By putting steps in place to reduce absenteeism in the workplace, you’re onthe way to improving corporate wellness.Implementing options in-house for employeesmeans that they have someone to turn to for professional help.This will help staff to become aware that staying away from work isn’t the only solution to their problems.

Introducing an employee absence management scheme

One of the greatest ways you can control employee absence and show growing support for staff well-being is by introducing an employee absence management service.

Such a scheme offers employees counselling within the workplace. This can decrease the amount of absences in the office as it provides staff with a confidential space to talk to a professional about any issues they may be facing.

As an employer, it’s essential to make it well-known that this scheme exists in the workplace and that it offers employees the freedom to open up without being judged.

Knowing support is always there

It’s your job as an employer to highlight that you’re not only concerned about your employees’ mental health, but you’re proactively taking steps to improve their well-being.

When you make the decision to implement a corporate wellness programme, your staff will be made aware that support is available for them whenever they need it.


Due to how large the average workplace can be, this can be an intimidating thought for staff when it comes to discussingtheir mental health or personal problems.

By promoting awarenessof your wellness serviceand the confidentiality it promises, employees will feel more comfortable in coming forward to disclose their concerns.

They will feel valued

By caring for employees’ mental and physical well-being, they will find a new comfort zone where they feel more able to speak about certain issues. They will feel valued and that they’re being cared for not only in work, but outside too.This in turn will make staff more loyal due to the consideration shown from the employer.

Some workers may believe there is a certain stigma regarding mental health in the workplace, and that disclosing their issues could potentially jeopardise their career.

By showing that you are an employer who is openly supportive of mental health, the staff working for you will feel less pressure to keep quiet and ultimately will be under less stress. In turn, your workforce will benefit from better productivity, and issues regarding absences in your workplace will be resolved.