The Most Violated Driving and Road Rules

The Most Violated Driving and Road Rules
The Most Violated Driving and Road Rules

The top four causes of fatal car accidents in Australia in 2016 were speeding, alcohol consumption, driver fatigue and inattention/distraction while driving. You may be surprised to find that your occasional mistake or a bad driving habit may be an actual traffic offence with a substantial penalty. 

In cases of speeding and drunken or negligent driving the consequences can be serious. In such circumstances, it is always wise to engage the services of specialised traffic lawyers who are experienced in traffic laws, who understand the system and can defend you in court, attempt to lower the penalty or ensure that you receive a fair trial. 

Here is a list of the traffic rules violations that are most common on the Australian roads.  

Speeding: All road users know that it is an offence to exceed the prescribed speed limit. Yet, speeding figures as one of the most common traffic rule violation in the country. While most speeding cases are low range and attract only monetary penalty, there are few instances where one would require an attorney due to extreme nature of speed violation. 

Drink and drug driving: Depending on the level and combination of the illegal substance and the conduct and attitude of the driver, these offences can fall under many levels and categories. Most cases will be under the legal limit of 0.05% blood alcohol and do not receive any fine. However, some drivers end up over the permitted level and attract a fine or even risk losing their licenses. It is advisable to hire a traffic lawyer, in such serious cases, especially if one has repeated the offence. 

Being on the phone while driving: Considered a serious offence, it is one of the leading causes of inattention and distraction on roads. Unless the phone is secured in a cradle or you are using hands-free controls, i.e., Bluetooth controls etc., you are not allowed to use phones while driving. In fact, having a phone on your lap while driving is also deemed illegal. 

Not wearing seat-belts: Road accidents had reduced considerably following the introduction of the law enforcing the wearing of front seatbelts in 1983. Since then belting up when driving or travelling by car is almost second nature to us. Yet this is also a common traffic rule violation on Australian roads and may incur fine and demerit points. 

Jumping red lights: Surprisingly, the simplest traffic rule, that red lights mean, stop, is ignored by many. You can be even disqualified to drive if you disobey this rule. 

Parking Rules Violations: Australia have similar road rules preventing parking within 10m or 20m from an intersection, “unless a sign allows you to park there”, across all states. This one catches a lot of people unawares and can get you penalised.

Driving without licenses: Drive without valid licenses and you will face stiff punishment. Never having a license or ignoring a driving ban can attract long disqualification and severe fines.

Most of us are careful drivers. However, in the unfortunate event where you unintentionally flout any of the above driving and road rules or break a traffic law, do not waste time in taking expert legal help. 

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