Venture Capitalists Rush to Fund Big Data Startups

IDC predicts that the market for technology for big data capture, storage and management is growing nearly 32 percent per year and could reach $24 billion by 2016. Lots of venture capitalists want to have a piece of this fast-growing sector.

CRN for instance did a great summary of 21 big data startups that have scored big in venture funding this year. Think of companies such as Actifio, Ayasdi, Data Gravity, Zettaset and many more.

Gil Press has created a top 10 list of most funded big data startups on Forbes:

CrunchAnalytics provides an answer based on data from CrunchBase, showing us where VCs are placing their biggest bets (name, $ funding and proposition):

Cloudera (5 rounds)                        $141 million        Apache Hadoop-based software, services and training

MuSigma (1)                                      133                         Data-Science-as-a-Service

Opera Solutions (1)                         84                          Data-Science-as-a-Service

10gen (6)                                             73.4                       MongoDB (open-source, document database)

Gauvus (3)                                          70                          Big data analytics solutions

ParAccel (3)                                        64                          Analytic platform

Talend (5)                                            61.6                       Application and business process integration platform

GoodData (5)                                     53.5                       Cloud-based platform and big data apps

DataXu (3)                                          45.8                        Digital marketing software

DataStax (4)                                       38.7                        Apache Cassandra-based big data platform

Lauren Lyster reports on Yahoo Finance that “Big data investment is accelerating in the world of venture capitalists and the tech startups they are funding. The big data theme has attracted nearly $5 billion of funding over the past five years, according to the VC database CB Insights; 2012 was the biggest year of deals so far, seeing 19.5% growth from the previous year.” Read her interview with Roger Ehrenberg, founder of venture capital firm IA Ventures here.

If you are a big data startup and want to investigate VC, have a look below at the most respected venture capitalists.