Unlock the power of your organisation’s ‘Secret Army’

NEW BOOK: Natural Business Development reframes ‘selling’ to provide a practical toolkit to enable whole teams to connect confidently with customers in a natural and authentic way



  • In lockdown it is even more difficult for salespeople to connect with potential customers, but people are more receptive to advice and support from technical people
  • It shows how to tap into the potential of your ‘Secret Army’ – people, who don’t see themselves as salespeople, but because of their knowledge, skill and expertise, are well equipped to serve and support their clients and customers
  • Changes how we view ‘selling’- moving away from the hard sell to helping people solve problems.
  • Helps to build skills and confidence to connect with customers, understand their needs, sell more, and ensure not only that customers want to work with you but will also recommend you to others.
  • It shares the four natural phases of relationship building: connect, discover, share, and collaborate which help you build strong relationships, have powerful conversations, and collaborate for long term success

 ‘To deliver economic growth and create jobs we need to unleash the full potential of our workforce. This very readable book shows business leaders how to do just that in a natural and authentic way’ – Sir Ed Davey, MP (Former Secretary of State for the Environment) [Box out ends]

In every organisation there is a large pool of untapped talent – a ‘Secret Army’ who, because of their knowledge, skill, expertise and knowhow are incredibly well equipped to serve and support their customers. They’re not salespeople but imagine if each and every one of those people identified a new opportunity with their customers every quarter or secured one new project every month.

Natural Business Development shows your ‘Secret Army’ how to do this, changing their mindset about what selling really is, so that your people will not only want to do it but enjoy it too. It helps people see selling differently, changing the focus from a hard sell to being about helping others solve a problem. Even the most solitary, professional, shy accountant or the most geeky and introverted software engineer is motivated to help their customers and clients.

“Selling” doesn’t have to be a dirty word

By reframing what selling is – simply helping to solve a problem or need – Natural Business Development helps people enjoy what is a fundamental human need: to connect, discover, share ideas, and work and collaborate together. For each of these four phases, a toolset is provided which includes methods, tools and techniques that can be used to help people connect, discover, share, and collaborate confidently and competently. The book also gives a variety of suggested exercises to put these tools and techniques into practise, so they become part of what your people do every day.

The author, Isobel Rimmer is the founder of Masterclass Training and has spent the last thirty years as a business leader, entrepreneur, trainer, coach and mentor. With a team of over seventy trainers around the world, she has designed leadership and management programmes and award-winning transformation programmes. Her mission is to help people see ‘selling’ differently; to see that it is about helping others to solve a problem. With Isobel’s tried-and-tested tools and techniques, everyone can learn how to win more business, naturally.

Natural Business Development is for all mangers and leaders with their own ‘Secret Army’. It shows how you can help them to become more confident in working with prospects, clients, and customers, contribute to growth in revenue, increase the number of referrals, build reputation, and generate new business opportunities.

Natural Business Development by Isobel Rimmer, published by Rethink Press is out now, priced at £12.99.