Understanding the Importance of Essay Writing

Understanding the Importance of Essay Writing
Understanding the Importance of Essay Writing

What is an essay? An essay is small text written in a free style, expressing its authors’ individual impressions and considerations about a specific issue or event and obviously not claiming a defining or exhaustive interpretation of the subject.

Some students underestimate the benefits of improving essay writing skills. They end up going online, searching for essay service reviews on sites like legitwritingservices.com and picking an essay writing company to help with their essays. While it’s not a bad idea to use an essay writing service if you’re swamped with lots of assignments, you may be skipping on the opportunity to enhance your critical thinking skills (something that regular essay writing can improve).

Some signs of an essay:

An in-depth analysis about a specific topic or question and/or the work devoted to the analysis of a wide range of problems, by definition can’t be performed in the genre of the essay. In fact, the essay expresses individual impressions and considerations on a particular occasion or issue, therefore its intent is not to define or exhaustively interpret a specific subject matter. As a rule, the essay presupposes a new, personal view about something.  Such a work can have a philosophical, historical-biographical, journalistic, literary-critical, scientific-popular or purely fictional character. The essay, expresses the author’s personality, her worldview, thoughts and feelings.

It is important to write an essay if you are applying for a job.

How a candidate  presents herself in an essay, is by describing her achievements, allowing the employer to determine whether this person is good enough for business, and if her work experience is sufficient and if it will benefit the company (organization, enterprise).

The purpose of the essay is to develop skills such as independent creative thinking and writing out your own thoughts. This is the essence of any education field. Writing an essay is extremely useful, because it allows the author to learn how to clearly formulate thoughts, structure information, use basic concepts, highlight causal relationships, illustrate the experience of relevant examples, and argue their conclusions.

One of the most relevant topics of an essay of someone applying for a frrst time job, is the theme “I and my career”. The subject of the essay is given in order for the employer to easily assess the characteristics of thinking, creativity, enthusiasm and potential. For any author, the best way to achieve this result is to write directly and frankly, while remaining honest with herself. If you are not honest, there is every chance that your work will be considered unnatural.

Structure and plan of the essay

The structure of the essay is determined by the requirements imposed on it:

– The thoughts of the author of the essay on the problem are presented in the form of brief theses
– The thought must be supported by evidence – therefore the thesis is followed by arguments

Arguments are facts, phenomena of social life, events, life situations and life experience, scientific evidence, references to the opinions of scientists, etc. It is better to give two arguments in favour of each thesis: one argument seems unconvincing, three arguments can “overload” the presentation performed

Classification of essays

Possible types of essays are:

  •  philosophical,
  • literary-critical,
  • historical,
  • artistic,
  • artistic-journalistic
  • spiritual and religious, etc.

According to its literary format the essay can appear in the following forms:

  •  reviews,
  •  lyrical miniatures,
  • note,
  •  pages from the diary
  •  letters, etc.

There are also essays which are:

  • descriptive,
  • narrative
  • reflexive,
  • critical,
  • analytical and others.

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