Travel Expected To Surge After 21st

For more than 12 months our freedom of movement has been severely restricted. At times we’ve been told we can’t leave the house without good reason. But, slowly but surely, that is all changing, and in June a full relaxation of restrictions is expected to coincide with our most popular tourist destination being added to the Green List. The result could mean a boom in the number of Brits going abroad, and modes of travel that have been largely empty over the past year could fill up once again.

What’s the latest?

Spain and the UK are in talks about the Meditteranean country being added to Britain’s Green List. This would mean people would be free to travel back and forth as normal. Spain’s current status is Amber, which means that not only is the UK government suggesting you don’t travel there, but it also demands that if you do go, you have to quarantine for 10 days at home upon your return.

Spain has now given a third of its population at least one dose of the vaccine and has managed to keep infection rates low in numerous regions popular with British holidaymakers, hence the change in traffic light.

In addition to this, the government hopes to fully ease restrictions within our own borders on the 21st June, so people can dine inside restaurants, drink inside pubs and travel on trains, buses and planes as before.

What could this mean?

The psychological impact of easing restrictions is expected to be huge, with people suddenly feeling free to do what they like, when they like. The restrictions we’ve all experienced have made many feel like prisoners, and the nation is bursting to get travelling and see the world again. You only have to look at the numbers already willing to travel to Spain under its current Amber status (The Sun estimates that 100,000 are heading there this week), to realise that once it gets Green status, numbers could further increase dramatically.

Airports in the north as well as the south of the country could see an increased flow of traffic, and train operators are likely to see a surge in demand as international travel picks up.

What should we do?

With an expected surge, it’s important to book tickets in advance to avoid disappointment. You should also keep up-to-date with the latest guidelines both at home and to the place where you’re travelling, as these are likely to continue changing. It’d be best to ensure you’re covered for any cancellations that may occur due to the pandemic, just in case things take a turn for the worse in the weeks to come.

For lots of us, the prospect of being able to travel abroad again without restrictions is exciting, and feels like we’re breaking free of the shackles of lockdown. And so long as we remain careful, there’s no reason why holidays in the sunshine can’t become the norm once more.