TransformBase: Redefining Businesses With Emerging Tech

With more than 250 attendees, 45 influential speakers, and over 17 hours of cutting-edge content, the TransformBase conference provides a deep dive into how emerging tech will revolutionise integration, security, change management, cost implications, and scalability for businesses worldwide.

TransformBase: Redefining Businesses With Emerging Tech

TransformBase 2023 aims to facilitate collaborative discussions among tech leaders, business innovators, and government representatives. To be held at the Kings Place in London, the event will engage the participants to discover how emerging technologies can be harnessed to better serve businesses and society.

The agenda of the event is driven by the need to address five business-critical challenges: integration, security and privacy, change management, cost implications, and scalability.

TransformBase: Revolutionising businesses with emerging technologies

TransformBase 2023 is an event that is spearheaded by the visionaries behind Tech City, Level39, and the Extreme Tech Challenge. Eric Van der Kleij, renowned for his role in shaping Canary Wharf’s tech community, Level39, and his former leadership of the Tech City initiative appointed by David Cameron, has teamed up with Gokce Gizer Clover, the former head of the Extreme Tech Challenge, the world’s largest startup competition, to introduce TransformBase.

This pioneering platform will empower business leaders to enhance their comprehension of new technologies and their implementation within their organisations.

The initial focus will revolve around five key emerging technologies: AI, quantum computing, immersive technologies (AR/VR), blockchain, and 5G/6G. Through a series of events and collaborative working groups, TransformBase aims to develop technology-specific roadmaps, aligning them with government policy and considering broader societal implications. This initiative builds upon the outcomes of the UK Government’s AI Safety Summit, emphasising the implications of emerging technologies for businesses.

Eric Van der Kleij, Founder of EdenBase, highlights the mission of the event:

In today’s landscape, every company is a tech company. Yet, many remain on the sidelines, uncertain of how to seize the transformative power of emerging technologies. TransformBase acts as a catalyst, empowering these enterprises and their investors to confidently steer toward a prosperous and purpose-driven future.”

TransformBase: Bridging the gap between tech insights and action

TransformBase 2023 is set to launch with an inaugural event on November 9, 2023, at Kings Place, London, uniting over 400 business leaders, tech innovators, investors, educators, and policymakers. This event seeks to leverage collective intelligence, actively engaging all attendees to contribute to actionable business and societal roadmaps.

Distinguished figures from the tech, business, and government sectors, including Lord Dominic Johnson, Sherry Coutu, Nicola McCormick, and Fabrice Beaulieu, have rallied around this pivotal mission and will participate in the event.

The agenda of the event, shaped by over 30 interviews with business leaders and technologists, combines insights from thought leaders with interactive content, harnessing collective intelligence through active audience participation. The event outputs will be refined through quarterly working groups, shaping technology-specific roadmaps for organisations and sharing insights with global influencers, including the World Economic Forum at Davos in January 2024.

The launch of TransformBase was inspired by Co-Founder Daniel Doll-Steinberg, whose recent book, “Unsupervised“, advocates for increased citizen engagement with emerging technology. He emphasises:

Powerful new technologies are reshaping every aspect of our lives. We must have an open conversation on how to harness their potential for a better society. While forums exist for discussion, what’s lacking is a platform for leaders to translate insights into actions. TransformBase is that platform—it not only poses questions but delivers answers.”