Trademark Registration In The EU


What are the first steps to take in order to enter the European markets?

How to repeat the successful experience and not to make typical mistakes. 

If you have decided that your product or brand should bring more profit, then it is time to expand your sales horizons.

But it is not that simple, so the first step is to choose a European country and register in it, or throughout Europe, your trademark.

The European Union is a sales market of 500,000 thousand inhabitants.

In each European country, the process and procedure for collecting documents is different because of local laws and regulations.

It is important to consider the following factors:

– Specifics of local laws.

– Language barriers and translation nuances.

– Documentation and permits.

– Tax code and accounting.

As we said earlier in the article, each country is new rules and nuances, for example in the Czech Republic, part of the procedures must be done with a notary, Italy is even stricter and requires a number of certificates and supporting documents, Poland is very loyal to young companies, etc.

The main stage

Understanding in the collection of necessary documents for one country or several countries at once.

Trademark must have a coherent and final look.

In special cases, a small copying of existing designs is allowed.

The information can include both words and images.

Combination types of images, sounds, etc. can be used.

Each country has its own list of prohibited characters and texts.


Registering a trademark or a mark in any country of the European Union is a series of actions aimed at obtaining a result.

In most cases it is easier and cheaper to initially turn to professionals and get a quality service.