Top Tips For Protecting Your Eyes During Long Screen Sessions

Top Tips For Protecting Your Eyes During Long Screen Sessions

When you’re at the forefront of your business’ success, it takes dedication and a strong sense of commitment to accomplish your dreams and smash those targets. It also means long hours of computer work, and extended periods staring at screens and working with technology.

Staring at a screen all day is something that most of us do without giving it too much thought. However extended periods of screen time can lead to digital eye strain and severe discomfort, something which could play havoc with your work schedule and your concentration levels.

Here we’ll explore some top tips for protecting your eyes during those long screen sessions.

Update your eyewear

When was the last time you had your eyes tested? Having regular eye exams means your prescription will always be up to date and accurate and you won’t be straining your eyes to study those spreadsheets and compose those emails. Once you have your prescription you can order eyeglasses online with just a few simple clicks.  Ordering your new eyewear online is fast and convenient, which means you can focus on your other responsibilities. You’ll have access to a wide range of frames, styles, colors, sizes and features so whatever style of frame complements your look, you’re sure to find exactly what you need online. 

A high-quality pair of glasses can also change the way your clients, employees and potential business partners view you. While a pair of designer frames can make you appear successful, a pair of sleek elegant frames can make you look more approachable and knowledgeable. And something bright and zany lets others know you do things your own way. Head online to find your perfect eyewear look.


When we focus, we often forget to blink, and this is also the case when we spend extended periods staring at a screen. The mixture of high levels of focus and blue light emitted from screens can lead to digital eye strain, as well as red, dry eyes and severe discomfort. And when you’ve got deadlines to meet, a list of tasks, and all your other responsibilities to handle, the last thing you want is to be distracted by eye strain. Remember to keep blinking!

Consider changing the air quality

If you’re working by a heater that’s constantly blowing heated air into your office, or you’re a smoker, then your eyes are going to feel tired and gritty by the end of the day. By making some simple adjustments to the air quality in your office space, you can work for longer and look after your eyes. Reduce the heating intensity, step outdoors to smoke or install a humidifier to increase the levels of moisture in the air.

And finally, take breaks

If you want to remain focused and work at an efficient capacity, then taking regular eye breaks is a must. Aim to take a screen break every 20 minutes or so. And avoid switching your laptop for your smartphone! 

Don’t let eye strain and discomfort hold you back, follow the steps above to keep yourself efficient and your eyes healthy and bright.

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