Top Ten Best Infographic Design Companies

Everyone loves infographics. If you have great content, condensed in infographic form, it is more likely to be shared and distributed throughout the web. Infographics are a mashup of design, writing and analysis that make the perfect companion for a big data world.  Infographics have become popular on the Internet and in presentations due to their illustrated approach and their non-traditional method of relaying information to a wider audience.

In their Winter 2010 article in Newspaper Research Journal, Barbara M. Miller and Brooke Barnett explain why infographics work so well:

On their own, text and graphics are both useful yet imperfect methods for communication. Written language allows an almost infinite number of word combinations that allow deep analysis of concepts but relies heavily on the reader’s ability to process that information. Graphics may be easier for the reader to understand but are less effective in communication of abstract and complicated concepts. … combining text andgraphics allows communicators to take advantage of each medium’s strengths and diminish each medium’s weaknesses.”

by DashBurst.

So now that we know its a good idea, how does one go about commissioning that perfect masterpiece?  An independent research firm, has named the ten best infographic design companies for the month of July 2013. Infographic design covers a service for creating intelligent and innovative visual displays of data and information through eye-catching visuals and illustrations of the information.

The Ten Best Infographic Design Companies for July 2013 are:

1) Avalaunch Media
2) Column Five Media
3) NowSourcing
4) Infographic World
5) Frame Concepts
6) Brafton
7) Linchpin SEO
8) Lumin Consulting
9) Infographic Design and Development
10) Killer Infographics

Infographic design companies approach delivering information for their clients through illustration in a variety of methods which catch an audience’s attention through visual arts and graphics. These companies create the method of delivering information which companies will use for delivering information to various audiences. Companies are evaluated based on their strategy and history of creating thought-provoking infographics in areas including design appeal, readability, visualization, strategy, and research.

To view the rankings of the best infographic design companies visit:

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