Top Sports Best Crypto Sportsbooks Should Offer

Nothing is as soothing as settling in to watch a sporting event with friends or family. Some gamers enjoy wagering on sports they love in the best crypto sportsbooks for an added thrill. This explains why some gamers try to catch as many games as possible in one sitting.

Top Sports Best Crypto Sportsbooks Should Offer
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You’re undoubtedly wondering which competition or match is the best bet now. Here are some of the greatest tournaments to watch if you’re trying to figure out where to put your money for the most return. You may try betting on one of these big games at the best crypto sportsbooks.

6 Sports Events the Best Crypto Sportsbooks Should Offer

You can bet on many sports games for a chance to win fantastic cash prizes. Here is our list of events you can play at the best Bitcoin sportsbooks.

1.   FIFA World Cup

In all of football, there is no more extraordinary sporting event than the FIFA World Cup. Its massive size and widespread appeal ensure it is on the list. So many people attend this gigantic football tournament every four years, and billions more watch it on television.

Since football is the most wagered sport in Bitcoin sportsbooks, many people choose to stake in the World Cup. This sports competition is one of the most popular athletic events to bet on when playing at the best crypto sportsbooks.

Bettors reportedly won more than £40 billion in the 2018 World Cup, which was held in Russia. So picking the best crypto sportsbook to utilize might be a challenge. However, when the next World Cup rolls around, there will be no shortage of staking advice available online.

2.   MLB Championship Series

You can get in on the action in major league baseball’s most prestigious tournament at the best Bitcoin sportsbooks. This seven-game championship series provides plenty of opportunities for punters to place wagers at the best Bitcoin sportsbooks.

It’s unclear how many stakes were placed on this game, but in 2017, Nevada bookmakers took in a total of $1.1 billion. Although it’s possible that this occurred at various points throughout the season, it was probably during the playoffs.

The name Jim “Mattress Mack” McIngvale could seem familiar if you followed the 2019 World Series. He staked $3.50 million on the Houston Astros’ victory. Should the Astros have triumphed, he would have collected $7.7 million in compensation.

3.   The Grand National

This is among the most watched sporting events of the year, not only in the horse racing industry but in all sports. Several individuals, both old and young, attend this competition.

Spectacular athletic competitions have been spawned by the Grand National, a thrilling steeplechase with 30 hurdles. What’s more, the Aintree racetrack hosts massively popular sporting events.

There are office pools and huge 100-1 single bets at the best crypto sportsbooks. Still, no one can resist putting money on the race’s outcome.

Many people often tune in to the event and place bets totaling around $300 million. This is a must-sees competition for sports lovers of all ages and skill levels.

4.   Superbowl

Despite its global popularity, American football is played slightly differently than in other countries. Nevertheless, the National Football League and American football are the most watched sporting competitions in the United States. As the culmination of the NFL season, the Super Bowl is the league’s ultimate prize.

Millions globally tune in every year to watch this sports competition. This means that the best Bitcoin sportsbooks and their customers have a large potential audience to tap into.

A record of nearly $4.5 billion was wagered on the 2018 championship game, setting a new record for a single game. The global total is likely to be much greater than this, which solely accounts for bets made in the United States. In other words, whether you’re a bettor or a football fan, you must watch the Super Bowl.

5.   The NCAA Basketball Tournament

Regarding men’s college basketball, few competitions can compare to March’s NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament. The entire planet revolves around the courts for those few weeks each year. As a result, it isn’t surprising that this is currently one of the most popular bets at the best Bitcoin sportsbooks.

Estimates from the American Gambling Association put the total amount wagered on the 2019 championship at $8.5 billion. In addition, almost 20% of people have placed a bet of some form. There were more than 149 million NCAA brackets, each with a corresponding wager of $4.6 billion from over 40 million people.

The AGA estimates that 5.2 million people bet illegally online at offshore sites, and another 2.4 million bet with bookies. Playing at legitimate crypto sportsbooks increases your chances of winning money.

6.   PGA Golf Tour

The PGA Golf Tour is probably more entertaining than you think. Those who have bets riding on the PGA Golf Tour pay close attention to the action, while casual fans enjoy the show. There’s no doubt that “The Masters” deserves its high status as the most prestigious tournament on the PGA Tour.

The Masters is the first major golf tournament of the year, and the winner wears the coveted green jacket. As a result, it draws a sizable following.

The best Bitcoin sportsbooks will have wagering lines for the PGA Championship once the circuit resumes with that tournament. This is a must-see even though there are bigger sports competitions in May.

In the realm of golf, nothing compares to the Open Championship. As a result, bets on the games can be placed at international and domestic Bitcoin sportsbooks in the United States. The U.S. Open is the final Grand Slam tournament of the year.


The number of people using crypto sportsbooks to place wagers on sporting events has increased consistently. So it’s only a matter of time until the popularity of other sports matches the current Super Bowl wagering statistics.

Over time, many nations will approve legislation to regulate and tax sports betting. As a result, more people will use crypto sportsbooks to wager on all the major sporting events when that day arrives.