Top Engineering Brands

Top Engineering Brands
Top Engineering Brands

The UK’s engineering heritage is world renowned and this has attracted numerous global leaders in this sector to buy or build new enterprises here.

From the invention of the spinning jenny (believed to be the catalyst to the Industrial Revolution) and steam-driven ploughs to Alan Turing’s colossal contribution to inventing computers in WW2, British engineers have literally impacted on all aspects of modern life. However, the hundreds of UK-based organisations in the UK innovating and developing tomorrow’s infrastructure and machinery, are just the tip of the iceberg.

Worldwide, engineering is a dynamic and growing sector, harnessing rapid advances in technology to explore everything from self-driving vehicles to AI production lines. Yet behind all of this, there is still a reliance on smaller enterprises to provide the components they rely on.

So, here are a few top brands that innovators and engineering leaders use, to build the future.


This UK company supplies components across the globe, that find their way into the most advanced commercial airliners and military aircraft.

PACE, which is based in Essex, has been supplying turned and milled high-performance aviation-grade components for almost three decades. This experience and investment in technology ensure the company can offer clients technical expertise in producing ‘made to print’ specialist parts, as well as simple assemblies.


Merc Aerospace has been supplying components in a similar sector for around 40 years but is also a brand that defence, petrochemical and energy companies have come to rely on. This too is a UK company, based in Lancashire, where there is a concentration of aerospace excellence.


No list of reliable components would be complete without reference to widely respected Swedish firm SKF (Svenska Kullagerfabriken AB).

SKF bearings have become the industry standard for ball bearings. The company is also known globally for its seals, lubrication systems, maintenance and mechatronics products, power transmission items and condition monitoring systems. Since its foundation in Gothenburg in 1907, SKF has been so successful in maintaining quality, supply and cost that it is widely acknowledged as the world’s leading supplier of ball bearings, selling to around 130 countries.


Based in Coventry, in the UK, Dunlop Systems and Components can trace its origins to 1890 and the start of its more famous sister company producing tyres.

However, Dunlop Systems and Components was officially created in 2007, and now designs and manufactures advanced electronic control systems and air suspension components for a global market. The company has earned a reputation for reliability and performance, but also for innovation.


Among the companies emerging as a leading light in the engineering supply chain is F.A.G. Based in the Philippines, for the past two decades F.A.G. has been steady building dominance in the field of machining, fabrication and designing. It has also gained excellent credentials for troubleshooting and maintenance of machinery too.

Its corporate culture is built around keeping clients doing what they do best, in a profitable and high-quality way.


Different engineering companies have their own specifications and wish lists when it comes to many components and pieces of machinery. Technology, in particular, can be a “personal” choice, particularly which software or cloud platform is “best”.

However, AUTODESK has emerged as a leading brand in modern engineering, with its globally popular 3D mechanical engineering and design software. It has been used across the world to turn countless engineering concepts into a comprehensive product design – from high-rise buildings to high-performance cars, and from smartphones to life-saving equipment.

The US company recently opened a new cutting-edge Autodesk Technology Centre in Birmingham, UK; the first of its kind in Europe. This can only be a summary of just a few of the leading brands in the engineering supply chain, but it illustrates how diverse and dynamic the leading players are.