Top 4 Features That You Want for Your New Windows

Top 4 Features That You Want for Your New Windows
Top 4 Features That You Want For Your New Windows

Replacing your older residential windows involves more than calling a contractor and arranging an installation date. It takes time and effort to choose new windows that offer all the features of your old ones and possibly some extras. As you work with the contractor to come up with the best solution, make sure these four features are included.

Energy Efficiency

Homes constructed decades ago often include what’s known as single pane windows. This means the glass used in each window is a single layer. While the view is fine, those thinner panes do nothing to prevent hot or cold transference through the glass during more extreme weather.

Make sure that the windows you choose include double or triple pane glass. This one feature will improve the energy efficiency of those windows and make it easier to keep the interior at a comfortable temperature. You will also notice that the amount of energy needed to heat and cool the home decreases and allows you to enjoy lower utility costs.

A Practical Design

Consider the health of everyone living in the home. Does anyone have a condition that makes it hard for them to lift the bottom sash on a single or double hung window? If so, considering windows Toronto that come in an awning or sliding design is a smart move. Both of the latter require less upper body strength to operate. That’s an important feature if anyone in the home is living with conditions that cause muscle stiffness or impair the ability to lift anything over a couple of pounds.

The Right Style

While a practical design is important, you also want the windows to fit in with the style of your home. A contractor can help you focus on styles that work well with the facade and the general design. Keep in mind that at least two or three window styles will work fine with just about any home style. Settle for one that has the right look along with the most practical operation for your family.

Enhanced Security

Even a state of the art security system is less effective if you don’t pay attention to window security. Make sure your new windows come with safety features that make the home more secure. For example, there are high quality locks that ensure the sashes remain firmly in position. Including security glass will not hamper the view, but it will make it harder for an intruder to shatter a pane. There are even interior security bars that will add a bit to your safety precautions. A contractor will know how to include all these elements in your new windows Ottawa and supply your home with that extra bit of security.

Now is your chance to install windows that offer everything the older ones did plus more. Talk with a contractor about what you have in mind and be open to his or her suggestions. The result will be windows that serve you well for decades.