Tools to Use For Self Assessment of EQ

Emotional intelligence is a vital aspect of who you are and it is important to work on your EQ and how you can improve it. Emotional intelligence is critically important to those who wish to find success in their personal and professional lives and studies show time and time again just how high the probability is of someone with strong levels of emotional intelligence reaching their goals. The key to being able to improve your EQ is of course to first understand where your emotional intelligence is at and to do that you must ensure that you are able to assess yourself honestly. There are some tools which you can use for self-assessment, which will help you to identify where you can improve your emotional intelligence, and these are some of the best.

Online Testing

There are some fantastic options for online testing which you can find that will help you to gain a deeper understanding of where your EQ is now, and what you should be working on. Genos EQ Assessment is a great example of this, a company which has spent decades doing research into what emotional intelligence is and how it can be boosted. These online resources provide you with the perfect way to discover your emotional intelligence and many will have further tools which you can use to help focus on your weak spots.

Gaining Feedback

Speaking to friends and family who are prepared to be honest with you is another great tool which we all have at our disposal, and seeking feedback from those people can help you to better understand your EQ. The key to using this tool in the right way is about ensuring that you ask a broad section of people for their opinion, as this will get you much clearer results. When you cross-reference what people have said, it will be important that you look for patterns in what people have suggested that you work on. If four out of 5 people have mentioned your lack of empathy for example, then that is where you should be focusing.


If you go to see a therapist then they are also qualified to be able to offer you some help and support around your emotional intelligence. Unlike with your IQ, emotional intelligence doesn’t have a measure or a particular test which must be carried out in order to give you a score. This is why someone with a great understanding of the mind, and its conscious and sub-conscious aspects that dictate how our emotions are controlled. Through conversation and quiz-like questions abut hypothetical conversations, they will be able to help you to identify what areas of emotional intelligence you need to work on. This is a great option for many people because questions will be asked that will have you saying things that you may not have said if you were taking an online emotional intelligence test. When you go to see a therapist they almost put a mirror up against you so that you can identify on your own, just what areas you need to be looking at, they will also offer advice on how best to overcome any EQ issues which you may have.

Self-awareness is greatly important when it comes to managing and monitoring you own emotional intelligence, and it will also be greatly important for improving that EQ. Utilizing tools such as those listed above will give you the support that you need to carry out this self-analysis, use them and move one step closer to improving your EQ levels.

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