Tips To Get More Done In 2020

Tips To Get More Done In 2020
Tips To Get More Done In 2020

If you look back at what you accomplished in 2019 and don’t like what you see, you might be suffering from process issues. What is meant by process issues involves your potential inability to find the right motivation and processes to enable you to start and finish any given task as you planned. Is that a fair assessment of where you stand?

If so, it might be time to consider other approaches to setting your goals and completing tasks within the time-frame you believe is acceptable. As you contemplate how to make the necessary changes, it won’t hurt for you to consider the following six tips on how to get more done in 2020.

1. Dealing With Procrastination

Procrastination is the art of figuring out reasons why it’s okay to not do something you otherwise know needs to get done. The net result of procrastination is often failure. Now why would someone set themselves up to fail? The key to avoiding procrastination is recognizing your propensity for doing just that. If you have an awareness about your habit of putting things off until later, you can build safeguards that will help you get in the habit of seeing every task as a challenge and taking that challenge on immediately.

2. Avoiding Technological Distractions

The world is changing everyday thanks to modern technology. Unfortunately, technology has a habit of distracting people from doing things that need to get done. You can’t afford to waste time on social media or texting your friends if you have things you need to finish. To avoid technology distractions, turn off all unnecessary devices so you can focus on the tasks at hand.

3. Improving Your Ability to Concentrate

If you have difficulty concentrating, there’s likely two reasons for your difficulties. First, you are trying to complete tasks in an environment that’s not conducive to concentration. Second, you haven’t learned the art of focusing on a solitary thought or task without interruption. You can improve in these areas by developing a work area free of distractions and learning to set just one goal at a time.  One of the best ways to improve concentration is to get 7-8 hours of restful sleep. For many, this is difficult. One of the best, quick ways to improve your sleep is to replace your mattress.  

4. The Art of Prioritization

When people struggle to get the right things done at the right time, it’s usually due to their inability to recognize what task is most important and being able to prioritize that task ahead of others. The best way to properly prioritize everything you wish to accomplish is put everything on a written list and review that list in the context of what’s most important to you each day. 

5. Timing is Everything

The best time to start a task is when you are ready to truly commit to accomplishing that task. The constant start/stop process is a dead end street to failure. Don’t start something until you are ready to finish it. Let your desire to get it done be your guide.

6. Mind Over Matter

When all is said and done, there will come a time when you have to just finish the task at hand. When you can no longer afford to let something slip, you’ll need to employ the mind over matter approach to finish what you are doing and move on.

There’s no more time in your life for hanging threads. It’s time to pull those threads and become the kind of person who means what they say and says what they mean. 

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