When Is It Time to Upgrade to a Server as a Business?

When Is It Time to Upgrade to a Server as a Business?
When Is It Time to Upgrade to a Server as a Business?

When you’re just starting out in business, you don’t necessarily need a dedicated server. However, as the company grows, investing in one can deliver a lot of great benefits.

Here, you’ll discover some of the top signs your business would benefit from upgrading to a server.

You’re experiencing slow speeds

One of the tell-tale signs you’ll need to upgrade to a server is if you’re experiencing slower speeds. In today’s business, it’s crucial you have access to a fast and reliable connection. The trouble with shared servers is that you’ll be fighting for space with multiple other businesses. This can cause a lot of lagging issues, especially as each business sharing the server grows.

Try and load our website. If it takes more than four seconds to fully load, it’s running too slow. Investing in a private server will help to rectify slow speeds.

To keep up with new app requirements

Another reason it might be time to upgrade is to keep up with the requirements of new apps. As technology continues to improve, apps are created with much beefier specifications. This means they take a lot more power to work them correctly. A public or shared server might not be able to handle these newer requirements.

The same applies for components and equipment. As you start to upgrade to newer equipment and tools for the business, you’ll need a server which can handle their increased demands.

Increased traffic

As your business grows, so too does your website traffic. While this is a great thing in terms of profits and growth, the more visitors your site receives, the more resources it starts to need to use. Again, shared servers may not be able to handle the increase in traffic, causing frequent crashes and lagging issues. This would cause you to lose customers and the growth you’ve worked hard for would soon start to slow down or halt completely.


Security should be a top concern for any business. Shared servers aren’t always overly secure. Therefore, if you need to enhance security, it’s worth investing in your own dedicated server. You can also check out tips on how to further secure a server.

These are just some of the signs you may need to upgrade to a server in business. Having your own dedicated server delivers a lot of great benefits. Just be sure to compare your options in order to choose the right server to match your needs.

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