Three Top Linkedin Features to Grow Your Business

I’ve been a member on Linkedin since January 2008 and have always used Linkedin heavily for personal branding, brand awareness, marketing and business development purposes. LinkedIn is the network for me to grow business.

As LinkedIn grows its reach businesses need to start using it with right context. Using LinkedIn with focus and as a network building, lead generation can open substantial business and support business leaders to grow their business from angles such as the business development, engagement, new thought leaderships areas, recruitment.

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Mark Harai wrote a great article on the eleven LinkedIn features to grow your business, I’ve identified the top three that work(ed) for me very well.

His top 11 LinkedIn business and technical features are:

1. Mentions

2. Search

3. Company Pages

4. Get Introduced

5. LinkedIn Signal

6. Groups You May Like

7. Recommendations

8. Common Interests

9. Rich Media Tool

10. Sharing Bookmarklet

11. LinkedIn Ads

The top three that have worked the best throught the years for me are:

1. Linkedin Signal

This is a great feature to be able to search from a topic perspective instead of a person-perspective. If you’re interested in finding out which people are talking about a certain topic and what they’re actually saying about it, this works much better than the People search.

I use this feature to connect with others, create awareness regarding certain topics, connect with people and business development.

2. Linkedin Search

Lots of lead generation and business development I have created through Linkedin Search and using search capabilities right. In combination with other other Linkedin features such as InMail and similar groups you share with a person, it’s a great tool to explore.

3. Groups You May Like

Great – though time intensive way – to connect, show value through discussions and get insights about what people are talking about a certain topic. It’s also a great place to ask questions. Challenge though is to find good groups that are basically groups with lots of shared links but not much discussions and real engagement.

Which LinkedIn features do you like the most?