Three Tips to Establish Credibility in Your Industry

In a time where business humanizes and gets more competitive it’s important to create brand credibility. In an industry such as professional services for instance this is even more key, because you sell experts to organizations. The personal brand therefore comes also in sight.

I came across Michael R. Hunter’s article on how to strategically establish credibility fast, and I think the three points are interesting and valid, some of those I’m already doing and can confirm it’s working. If it’s really fast, I don’t know, you can’t create credibility over night and it does take some middle/long-term efforts in my experience.

His three tips are:

1. Share your knowledge

Publishing content that shows potential customers or clients that you understand their problems and can show them how to solve them, you build credibility.

Education, training and sharing information is the new age of marketing.   

Too often I find myself talking with business owners or entrepreneurs that work hard to hold on to their information instead of openly sharing it. With virtually endless information a few mouse-clicks away, it’s really not serving you to keep all your information to yourself and only sharing it with your clients. You would have a much more successful business if you openly shared your information.

Content marketing is key. The challenge is the amount of information already available and trying to find that sweet spot that people will come back more and more. Content marketing certainly is NOT a fast way to create credibility but it definately is a sustainable source of credibility in the long run.

2. Affiliations and associations

A simple way to generate some credibility for you or your company is to join national and international associations that are relevant to your industry.    

It’s important to join associations that either are reputable or, at least, sound credible. Affiliating yourself with an association gives your personal brand or your business a sense of professionalism and credibility.

This is a great tip, I’m not sure if it’s a cheap way of gaining credibility because some of these affilations charge high fees, and perhaps as a startup you don’t have the investment to do so. Anyone has experience with this?

3. Accelerate a positive reputation

A couple ways to boost your reputation quickly is to develop case studies around your product or service. Especially if you are starting a new business, it can be hard to get your first clients and customers because you don’t have a track record.   

Donate or discount your products or services in order to get your first couple case study clients. Once you have a couple case studies, getting new customers or clients is a lot easier because you are able to back up your talk with proof.

Another great tip. I especially like the donation or discounting of your product. Overwhelm them with quality, create a WOW-effect and i twill be a great reputational boost.

Read his full elaboration on his credibility tips here.

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