The Value of Retargeting

The Value of Retargeting
The Value of Retargeting

Anyone who says you never get a second chance to make a first impression is clearly unfamiliar with retargeting. Every salesperson worth their salt knows you seldom get a yes the first time you ask for a sale. You have to be persistent, which means following up at regular intervals to be there when the weather changes. This is the value of retargeting in a digital advertising campaign. You can ask for the sale over and over and over again—at minimal cost.

Here’s how to work it.

Fresh Cookies Anyone?

If you’ve conducted extensive online research on a product you probably began to notice you started seeing ads mirroring the search. Your browser picked up a snippet of code—or a cookie—when you visited a site offering the product you were researching. Given you’re exposed to anywhere from 4,000 to 10,000 advertising messages a day, the fact that you’re now noticing those particular ads mean they’re cutting through the clutter. That’s a definite advantage when you’re trying to draw and convert visitors to your ecommerce site.

Everyone Deserves a Second Chance

The beauty of retargeting lies in the fact that those ads will only go to people who have some familiarization with you. Assuming your site did nothing to dissuade them from buying, these visitors are likely to be persuaded by subsequent exposures. If the majority of the visitors to your site tend to be one-timers, retargeting presents you with an opportunity to get them to come back again. This can be far more cost effective than constantly trying to bring new people into the fold.

Makes You Look Good

When you employ retargeting effectively, one-time users to your site will begin to see your ads “everywhere” they go on the ’net. Let’s say you’re a small operator just learning how to sell ebooks on your own website. This strategy can give the appearance you have a massive ad budget, which could enhance your credibility. After all, if you’re sinking enough cash into a marketing campaign to make your ads show up all over the place, you must be an entity worth affording a second look, right?

Amplifies Your SEO and SEM Efforts

If your SEO is tight and you’re getting steady stream of organic visitors, your retargeting campaign can serve to bring those people back after they’ve been attracted by your organic content and had a look around. This is great for audience building. And, when you think about it, this also pays a dividend on your SEO and SEM spends.

Highly Cost Effective

Compared to a typical pay-per-click campaign, retargeting leverages your existing traffic to bring shoppers back to you for another look.  This can be much less expensive to accomplish. Similarly, let’s say you just spent a wad of cash on an email campaign from which you got a click-through rate of 20 percent. Why should you just let the other 80 percent go without another word? Retargeting lets you go after them—without alienating the 20 percent who clicked through—at a lower cost. Plus you can customize ads to also retarget that 20 percent to upsell them, cross-sell them or get them to engage in some other way.

The value of retargeting as a marketing strategy is difficult to overstate. It can amplify your spends and make you look bigger than you might be. Retargeting also invites one-time visitors to give you a second look. But, the real beauty of retargeting lies in its ability to give you a second, third, or even a fourth and a fifth opportunity to make a first impression.