The Meaning Conference

Meaning conference

The meaning movement is growing and developing all of the time to try and drive change into the heart of 21st century business. If you have ever considered being a part of it, your chance might just be right around the corner. You just need to come to Brighton in November, when it will occur the third edition of the Meaning Conference. aims to help people to get inspired, make connections and create change. Participants are encouraged to take time out of their schedule and listen to speakers, meet people that feel the same way and take away ideas that can really create change at organisations. You can register, by visiting meanings website. If you decide to go, you will spend a full day understanding how adding meaning can drive transformation at work.

But some might ask, what would a conference on meaning actually discuss? Well, there are a number of important themes that have been selected for discussion at the Meaning Conference. Some of these are grounded in the idea that power is shifting and there are new rules. Many look at the way in which we and our businesses can be more of a positive force in the world. One of the themes to be reviewed is the economics of the 21st century. This theme explores the macro challenges and opportunities that business needs to address by looking at post-growth economics, debt-free prosperity and the roles of technology and social innovation. Another theme is the adaptation of 21st century organisations that is needed to meet the challenges of the future. Under this umbrella themes reviewed include areas like conscious business, organisational democracy, purpose and vision and values-driven business. Organisational design and employee ownership will also be addressed. Twenty first century leadership is another major theme and this considers factors like the mindfulness, compassion, resilience, empathy and consciousness that will be needed to transform organisations.

Meaning conference was created by NixonMcInnes which is an agency that is part of a wide and expanding community of people that aims to transform business as it believes passionately that there are better ways to approach the challenges faced by the world of business. NixonMcInnes created the Meaning conference as a gathering point for people who not only believe business needs to change in order to be fit for the 21st century but are taking concrete steps to bring change.
The conference has a youtube channel where all the most interesting talks can be seen. In the following one, Lee Bryant,  that participated in last year´s event speaks about twenty first century business and leadership.

The conference has attracted a wide array of interesting speakers that innovate in the area of Meaning. For example, the founder of Positive Money, Ben Dyson, has sought to campaign for a banking system that helps society rather than works against it. At the conference he will explain how money creation is actually leading to an increase in poverty, instability and inequality, and in his vision of things, how it could all be so different. Another fascinating speaker is Lauri Feinsod who has built a company called Graphik Dimensions that is hailed as a “conscious business”. In her view business success and consciousness are completely interlinked. Or another speaker that may draw your attention is Stefania Druga, the founder of HacKIDemia, an organisation that seeks to promote learning through doing and playing.

If your interest is in different types of leadership, you may be interested in what Bob Doak has to say. He works at W.L. Gore & Associates, an organisation where there are no bosses, no hierarchy and no chain of command, proving that things really can be done differently. Joel and Michelle Levey will also share their views on mindfulness in leadership. Meanwhile Sun Tui will discuss what can be learned from horses about leadership, technology and respect. Sun Tui is considered to be a leader in the field of “equine assisted learning” which you might not have realised even existed until now. Alternatively you might want to listen to the words of Alexander Kjerulf who is the world’s Chief Happiness Officer, because after all, who doesn’t want to be happy at work?

In addition to the Meaning Conference, a one day workshop is also being offered in Mind Fitness for Leadership. The workshop is being run by Joel and Michelle Levey who are advanced practitioners on the subject of mindfulness at work. With expertise in mindful leadership, mind-fitness training, change resilience and wisdom at work, the Leveys have decades of experience to draw on. Their goals are to help people to be able to use mindfulness principles to increase their capacity for thoughtfulness, empathy, presence and clarity at work, as well as helping to reduce that overwhelmed feeling that people get based on their idea that they do not have the time and space that they need to get everything done.

The Meaning Conference “A Nixonmcinnes Thing for Better 21st Century Business” is to be held in Brighton on 18th November, 2014. The Leveys workshop is held on 19th.