The Importance of Women in the Tech Industry

Women in the technological sector are highly underrepresented, demonstrating that only 29% of the entire technological workforce comprises women. Men have historically led the tech sector, save for a few exceptions. The lack of women’s representation has led to the tech sector functioning akin to a “men’s club” where equality, harassment, and abuse laws and principles do not exist.

The Importance of Women in the Tech Industry

The absence of these values is aptly reflected in the online environment where women and girls have been targeted through catfishing, revenge porn, online harassment and abuse, and stalking. However, in the last five years, we have seen reform, predominantly the formation of laws and policies for regulating the online spaces to make them safe for women and girls. Had there been women’s representation in the tech companies that regulate these online spaces, many adverse incidents could have been mitigated. Hence, it is time for tech companies to recognize the importance of gender diversity as the inclusion of women can improve the company’s image, profits, and innovation. Furthermore, gender inclusiveness will also address the issues that echo women’s importance in the tech industry.

1.     Promote Values of Gender Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion

The inclusion of women in the tech industry would diversify the tech workforce. Tech companies need to consider it seriously, as women bring something to the table simply by bringing diversity in ideas to improve companies’ innovative capacity. Research studies have consistently demonstrated that gender diversity in teams leads to better decision-making in companies. With the inclusion of women in computer science, the tech sector could not only revamp its existing misogynistic image but also work towards a better and positive outlook for the future.

2.     Improve Company’s Financial Performance

One of the most significant barometers of a company’s state and performance is its financial health. Research studies show that the representation of women, specifically in leadership positions, can significantly improve companies’ financial health. Companies with female representation in management and leadership are more likely to generate a greater return on equity and an increased income growth rate than companies without female representation. Studies also demonstrate that women’s representation on the board and management can improve the company’s overall key performance indicators (KPIs).

3.     Revitalize Product Development

Since 50% of our population comprises women, it seems logical that all industries would represent the population. However, excluding women from the tech industry has led to a stark monotony and stagnation in the ideas and products generated by men, specifically those aimed at women. The tech industry has operated in contrast to other industries, where women influence the creation and packaging of products aimed at women. Including women in computer science can lead to better KPIs for tech companies, catalyzing growth in jobs for women in the tech sector. With representation in the tech workforce, women will be able to transform the organizational make-up and culture for the better. The cultural transformation would ultimately benefit tech companies greatly. In addition, women taking charge of product development for female consumers are more likely to develop offerings that appeal to female consumers.

4.     Promote Equal Employment Opportunity

Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) is a federally-mandated policy that stipulates that every individual in society has an equal chance of attaining a particular job opportunity. This law aimed to force companies to comply with civil rights laws addressing workplace discrimination. Ironically, the tech sector develops innovations for the future without adhering to a fundamental civil rights mandate aimed at reducing gender and ethnic discrimination in workplaces. Tech companies have only recently promoted the recruitment of women for tech roles. However, this is not sufficient. The tech industry significantly needs to uphold and self-enforce the EEO principle.

Furthermore, there is greater gender sensitization amongst modern consumers and society. The tech industry has been masking its discrimination behind its fantastic rate of technological innovation. However, if reforms are not made, the current generation of women will reprimand their blatant civil rights violations.

Final Thoughts

Men grossly overpopulate the tech industry. Underrepresentation of women has led to the subjugation of civil rights in women’s employment alongside subjugation of human rights in online spaces. This article discusses four facets of women’s dire need and importance in the tech industry:

  1. We discussed that tech companies need to actively promote the values of gender inclusion, diversity, and equality in their workplaces. Having female representation will bring diversity and creativity to the table.
  2. We highlighted that women’s representation on the board, leadership, and management positions could improve the company’s financial health and its overall KPIs.
  3. We discussed that inclusion of women would revitalize product development. Specifically, those products that are aimed at the female consumer base.
  4. We asserted the importance of the equal employment opportunity principle currently being violated by tech companies and needs to be corrected industrywide.

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