The Challenge of Getting Real Insight into The Customer Engagement Economy

If there’s one thing that’s challenging is linking different silos of data to get a holistic view of your digital performance and customer engagement. Customer focus and engagement is the main driver for the success of any global company that wants to be truly innovative.

Bluewolf a global business consultancy firm released an Infographic that displays and portraits in a great fashion way the The Emerging Customer Engagement Economy 

Bluewolf Emerging Customer Engagement infographic

Another company in this area is Lithium Technologies. This organisation revealed recently a next-gen analytical tool to help brands measure social ROI and improve the performance of social customer engagement programs.

Lithium Social Intelligence, a business intelligence company released the analytics tool Lithium Social Intelligence. This product offering uses a unique combination of social science, real-time performance metrics and native web analytics to give brands unprecedented insight into customer engagement across both online communities and social networks.

Some of their key features include:

  • Community Health Index(TM) – advanced technology developed by Lithium’s in-house team of social scientists provides a unique measure of community health through a single index value -comprised of six key engagement factors and similar to a credit score.
  • Native Web Analytics – Lithium is the first provider of online communities to combine traditional web traffic metrics with community engagement metrics for deeper insight into the highest performing content and authors.
  • Benchmarking – Lithium aggregates more than 10 years of data from hundreds of Lithium Communities(TM) customers to help brands compare performance on key metrics.
  • Mobile Metrics – brands can measure the increase in reach and impact that comes from interacting with Lithium Communities over mobile devices.
  • Monitoring – tuned for insights that help brands determine where and how to engage, Lithium provides historical data on customer conversations across social channels.
  • Role-Based Engagement Reports – designed to maximize productivity, Lithium provides each member of a social engagement team with personalized reports on performance against SLA targets.

What I find the most interesting are the Native Web Analytics and Benchmarking capabilities. The combination of social performance and web analytics will enable a better overview of your digital performance without having to switch between systems.

Benchmarking is great because without being able to compare your own digital performance against your competitor, you don’t really know how you’re performing in the market. Is that important?

Yes, I would say so. You might know how you perform against your business objectives, but your business competes against others for a same set of audiences. Having insight in your competitors will help you focus better on your roadmap.

The challenge is and will be to get this holistic insight in customer engagement across your different touch points, will Lithium solve this with their new tool? I haven’t used it, but the promise is interesting.

What social analytics system would you recommend?