The Best Jobs For Pay Increases In 2016

A great way to figure out what are the industries that are growing the most is by analysing which jobs are experiencing the highest wage increases. According to a recent infographic released by Lucas Blake, so far 2016   has been a fantastic year for marketing managers, HR & communications and those generally in the IT sector as wages have soured by increases of up to 37% in 2016.

2016 has seen further growth in the IT sector with C# Developers and Java Developers taking impressive wage increases of 23% and 12% respectively. This increase doesn’t come as a surprise , as the industry itself has reported vast profits.  Another interesting discovery is how HR management and communication wages have risen by 37% with an average wage of £82,000.

Lucas Blake, a UK based recruitment agency, has gathered the latest information about the wage increases of 2016 and has figured out some predictions on wage increases for the year to come. Check out the great infographic!


Image source Lucas Blake