The Best 4 Reasons to Avoid Driving Under the Influence

The Best 4 Reasons to Avoid Driving Under the Influence
The Best 4 Reasons to Avoid Driving Under the Influence

It’s easy to think those few drinks have not dulled your senses. The fact is that if your blood alcohol content is over a certain amount, you don’t need to get behind the wheel. Before you decide it’s okay to drive the short distance between the club and your home, think again. Here are a few of the ways that a conviction for driving under the influence will affect you for a long time.

Someone Could Get Hurt

If your senses are dulled because of alcohol or some other substance, you can bet your reflexes are less efficient. Even if you are being as careful as possible, that doesn’t mean other factors won’t lead to some sort of accident. Perhaps you end up injured and have to spend a few weeks recuperating. Maybe someone in another vehicle ends up hurt and maybe even permanently disabled.

Are you prepared to spend the rest of your life carrying the guilt that goes with knowing your decision to drive under the influence forever changed the life of another person? If not, you would do well to call someone who can get you home safely and pick up your car the following day.

Damage to Your Driving Record

The thing to remember about drunk driving is that it stays on your driving record for a long time. It’s not a minor issue like getting a ticket for illegal parking. This could lead to your first DUI charge. This is a big one that will create problems every time someone reviews your record for any reason. Depending on the circumstances, you could end up with driving restrictions that make getting around town a lot more difficult.

Limiting Your Employment Options

You plan on remaining with your employer for many years, so that drunk driving conviction really doesn’t impact your employment, right? That’s not necessarily the case. Even when you have a long record of service with your employer, that conviction could disqualify you for certain promotions. You’ll still have a job, but advancement up the corporate ladder will not be as assured as before.

Should your employer downsize or close up shop, you’ll find your job options to be somewhat limited. It could mean taking a job that pays less and has little opportunity for going after better job s for quite some time.

Harder to Get the Best Credit Terms

Did you know that a conviction for DUI Burlington will also harm your credit rating? Many lenders check criminal as well as credit reports when they evaluate applications. With the conviction on your record, you could find that getting a loan is more difficult or that getting the best interest rates on a new credit card is out of the question. That’s a big deal when you could use a new car or want to make a major purchase like a first home.

The bottom line is that a conviction for DUI is not something to take lightly. If you do have a little more than planned, hand the car keys to someone who can get you home safely or call a cab. You’ll be happy about making the right decision when morning comes.

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