Wisequeen interview with London winechapUK founder Tom Harrow

This week I interview a good friend in the wine-world and a true London gem,who knows all the ins and outs of wine-investing and tasting and can  tell you the best places to eat and drink out in London without any hestitation, Tom Harrow from winechapUk – the company he founded.
1. What did you want to do when you grew up?

I haven’t grown up yet – my ambition is best visualised as a (wine) bottle drifting with the current

2. Which part of your formal education  if any was most useful in getting you to where you are today?

Its about breeding not training – any geek can learn about wine, but the ability to communicate, to inspire and to remain personable cannot be taught

3. What is the hardest thing you’ve ever done business wise?

Turning down a well paid private client sales job with a bluechip merchant as was just in process of launching own business

4. When and what was your tipping point when you knew there was no going back you had an audience?

A year or so in the trade, with the realisation that I could proffer valid opinions on wines based on my own experience rather than just aping things read by prominent critics/buyers

5. Your favorite city to visit in/ or for business? 

Rome to visit, New York for both business and pleasure
6. Who inspires you?
Keith Floyd, Jilly Goolden, Paolo de Marchi, Antonio Caggiano, my fiancee

7. If you could choose  a start-up city  for your company where would that be and why?

Delhi: India will be the next big wine-buying country once duty on alcohol comes tumbling down.

WineChapUK have developed an iphone app to make it easier for those invested in  wine shopping or simply enjoying wine.

www.winechap.com offers select wines and unique tastings experiences as well as wine list reviews and consultancy, and a concierge service for eno-tourism and wine portfolio management.
Tom is also contributing editor to B Beyond and guest columnist for Decanter, POMP and InsideOut Luxury and has regular online columns for How To Spend It, More Intelligent Life, Billionaire and Square Mile. Also wine writer for Urban Junkies and LondonLovesBusiness and consultant for Vintage Seekers, ConnectJets and Love&Lord.

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