Using LinkedIn the 7 features you probably missed

Are you on LinkedIn? You should be, because after all the new features that Facebook, Google and Twitter have rolled out in the past two years, LinkedIn has now become the place to see and be seen with 101 million people on it.

Some stats on the following LinkedIn Stats Snapshot infographic:






So Instead of just a place to upload your CV and profile with your work experience to enhance your career prospects, linkedin became the place to  use social tools to connect like never before.

1. You like the news and business updates you get from Twitter? – Linkedin now delivers the latest,and what is more important, relevant to the industry sector your in and the people you’re connected to. In this link from LinkedIn Today you have news recommendations this for you.

2. You like the feature of twitter choosing who to follow, so your stream is more focused. Yes linked in now offers that too. It will even suggest who to follow.

3. You like facebook, because you’ve been on there from the beginning,and you like the groups in facebook and can setup your own group to share your business or interests. Well yes, Linkedin has that too.The business groups on linked in are a powerful networking tool, and a great way to start discussions and forums about a  topic.

4. On the premium paid model you can request someone to connect with you because you can send them an “in” message. As a free member you have to send them a request to connect and they may require  you insert their email address to do this,to prevent unknowns asking to connect.

5. Recommendations. This is perhaps Linkedin’s USP you can get a colleague, boss or ex-client to post a recommendation about you in your profile that will give prospective employers or future clients and collaborators an idea of how reliable and proficient you are in your field.

6. Its a great place to find a job as companies place advertisements for job placements and if you are an employer you can place your position on the platform for candidates to apply directly.The other great feature is you can share job advertisements within your groups, or perhaps mail it directly to someone who may be interested.

7. Did you know that you can place a linkedin button that connects to your profile on your website to help people to find you on linked in. As important, did you know that you can and should share all your posts on linkedin, you can elect to share it with your groups you belong to or to  email it to someone and also include a tweet to your twitter stream.

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