How technology can improve our living standards

When we talk about technology, there is a constant thing. With time everything that is tech-related is becoming smaller and faster. Therefore it’s becoming available for more and more people, revealing them new opportunities in life. Most of them are only for entertainment, but there are also some crucial improvements that can advance our daily lives. I know that this sounds very blurry and clichéish but stick with me. In the next few paragraphs, I will demonstrate to you how technology from different industries helped our lives so far and can open new doors in front of us.

Automobile industry

With each generation of car models, the manufacturers try to come out with something new. And the customer experience for these companies is the most important thing for them. That’s why they are implementing bigger screens, audio assistance, touchscreens, etc. And if you think about it this is all technology. They make more and more improvements in the tech departament than they are doing in engineering. That’s why in the past few years automakers and tech companies are working together to bring the most exciting and useful features to your driving time.

For example, BMW’s series 5 2021 lineup is something really great that I’m totally in love with. It just came out and you may see some in the dealerships. But it’s not one of my favorites because of the engine size or torque. But because this car is the first car that allows customers to use their iPhone as their car key. We all know how bad it is when we’re in a rush to a place, and we have to check twice for the wallet, keys, phones, etc. and in the end, we forget something anyway. But this way owners can pair their phones with their car, and you have to worry about one thing less now.

All you have to do is to hold your phone near the field communication sensor which is embedded in the door handle and you can unlock the car. When you get into the car, it will automatically sense the presence of your phone, just like newer cars can sense your key even in your purse, and then after a press of a button you can start the engine. Also, newer cars have a special place for their phone where they can charge it wirelessly while they are driving.

But let’s not stay in the past, because the future is owned by electric vehicles which are already present on the market in full eclectic or in hybrid versions. They are not that common, yet there are some eclectic cars that have built-in navigation systems that show the driver all the charging points near them.

However, not all of us are big fans of those on-board navigation systems, especially if you’re used to your favorite navigation app. And I’m sorry that I’m bringing up Apple again, but the Apple Maps came up with a genial idea regarding these electrical cars. With the release of the iOS 14 this September, Apple Maps will show the driver the best route which can also include charging points to their specific vehicle. Also, on a long road, they can make suggestions depending on your battery’s charging level, so you can charge your car ahead of time.


This one is also strongly related to our previous paragraph because mostly we will talk about air pollution. Scientists have just invented and released a technology that uses low energy fans to ‘inhale’ the exhaust fumes that are produced vehicles. These systems have been designed to be placed on roadways in cities, with very few trees and a lot of stationary vehicles. Thomas Delgado (founder and CEO of Pollution Solution) declared the following statement: “Our offering has always been to install the product at pollution hotspots on roads and at drive-thru restaurants, where exhaust fumes from idling cars would be recycled into clean air on the spot.” These systems will be placed in such ways to be as close as possible to the vehicle’s exhaust pipe to ensure that they have maximum efficiency.

Some numeric facts for the absolute science lovers, each fan is able to draw in 15,000m3/hr of polluted air per meter of the roadway. Specialists in the domain made some simulation specialists that if they are placed in the right location and with the help of weather, the technology could remove up to 97% of all polluted air caused by vehicle emissions.


And now let’s talk about something happy. I believe that the most important technological achievement in the 21st century so far was the release of VR and AR technologies. With those, our playing experience moved to a whole new level. The whole technology is still in the beginning stages, some of the games may still be pixelated and sometimes laggy. But the last big achievement was only the 3D effects in cinemas and games, and from there this is a huge step forward.

My favorite sector that implemented the best way possible is the casino industry. If you think through how much casino games have evolved in the past few years you should be amazed. Back then you must’ve gone to a casino and sat at a table, and now it takes just a few clicks to get to your favorite poker, roulette, or blackjack games.

But that’s not why the casino games are the absolute winners of the VR game. Some casinos have created whole virtual casinos that you can walk through. This means that if you want to play a game you will have to virtually walk to the table and sit down. But you can do other things as well, like go to the bar and talk with the bartender, tip the dealer, chat with others. So you get the exact same feeling that you would normally get in a physical casino.

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