Tech Failures Kill Companies, Learn How To Save Yours

Tech Failures Kill Companies, Learn How To Save Yours
Tech Failures Kill Companies, Learn How To Save Yours

The IT industry is expected to grow by around 25 percent over the next twenty years. Why is this and what does it tell us? It tells us that businesses are becoming more reliant on tech every single day which isn’t surprising when you think about how much tech is involved in the typical business.

There’s cloud servers, computers, apps and so much more, often all running on the same network. Sensitive customer information is regularly stored on business servers, and this should be safe. But a tech failure or tech hack could still occur, causing you to lose everything you might have spent years building up.

One flaw with your technology, one mistake, and your business could be back to square one. No business owner wants to deal with this situation, and the solution is to make sure you are prepared for the risks that modern tech brings.

Let’s start by thinking about the issue with lost data in business.

Data Loss – Tech Failures Kill Companies

Anyone who has used Google Docs will know that sometimes data just disappears for no reason at all. When you using Google Docs, your data is essentially being stored on a cloud server. There have been numerous reports where someone has saved a file, come back to it days later, and the file has either disappeared or been corrupted. What happened? Well, a whole range of factors could be at play here, but the main thing to realize is that you typically won’t get the file back.

It’s been lost from the server, and at that point, there’s no hope. This is why you should have backups and backups for your backup, and this is an important lesson that business owners need to learn. You must make sure that you do have a way of replacing any data that is lost due to a tech malfunction. It will be particularly important during a time of disaster recovery. During a disaster recovery it can take weeks even months to get all your systems back online.

However, if you have backup servers set up all the old files can be transferred to the main servers, and you’ll be able to keep things running in your company, almost seamlessly. There will be no gap between the crash of your current tech and the setup of the replacement servers.

However, you might also want to consider getting data insurance. With data insurance, if anything is lost, you can make sure that your business doesn’t suffer from a financial loss on top of this. Instead, your insurance company will cover any financial damages. For instance, data loss might mean that you lose customers. With the right insurance, you can insure that if this happens your finances remain healthy.

Reductions In Speed – Tech Failures Kill Companies

Tech Failures Kill Companies, Learn How To Save Yours
Tech Failures Kill Companies, Learn How To Save Yours

There can be numerous reasons why the servers or technology running in your company can be slower than usual. The first thing to be aware of is that any changes in speed in tech can mean that there has been a hack or breach in the security systems. The servers are slowing down because it’s trying to cope with someone else forcing access.

However, that’s not the only cause. Computers naturally drop in processing speed due to use. The best way to explain this is that files on a computer system on stored neatly. They get broken into little pieces, and the more that files are spread out, the slower your system will be. Luckily, it’s easy to reconfigure files and quickly increase speeds without any trouble at all. The process can take anything from a few minutes to a few hours. If you have tech support in your company, they should be doing this on your systems regularly through the year. If not, you might want to think about doing this yourself. Particularly if you’re running a small company.

Don’t forget that slower tech speeds are ultimately going to impact the efficiency levels of your business. Eventually, that could mean that your business is handicapped on the market. It might even lead to poor reviews if it impacts customer service.

As we said, there are multiple reasons for issues with speeds on physical tech and servers. That’s why you might want to think about monitoring software. You might have a Microsoft Azure cloud running the background of your company. Monitoring Azure performance, you should be able to examine key metrics. When you do this, you will be able to recognize an issue and fix it before it causes major headaches for your company.

Hacks – Tech Failures Kill Companies

Tech Failures Kill Companies, Learn How To Save Yours
Tech Failures Kill Companies, Learn How To Save Yours

How do you deal with a hack on your computer system? Ideally, you will have a service in place, and they can handle it for you. If you are interested in this possibility, you should look for an IT support company, providing data protection to businesses. The benefit of having an IT support team is that you will be able to respond quickly to a data breach with an expert service. Usually, if hacks can’t be completely prevented, then they can be traced. This means that you should be able to catch anyone who is stealing or even erasing data from your company systems.

It’s important to realize that anti-virus software may not fully prevent a hack on your company. Typically, the viruses that hackers use are highly sophisticated and designed to elude the most recent virus software. This is why it’s useful to know the signs of a hack. Slower speeds are one, but you should also look out for any files that have been added to your network or changes to the network that you did not authorize. The most common sign is the alteration of your search engine. Usually, you’ll find files have been added in the background. You’ll see these in settings, and you should be able to delete them.

As you can see, there are a lot of tech issues that you need to be aware of. By understanding the risks, you can take the right steps to stop them from hurting your company.