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Photo of Dinis Guarda
Dinis Guarda
CEO, Founder IntelligentHQ / ZTUDIUM

Dinis Guarda is an author, speaker, serial entrepreneur, advisor and experienced CEO. He creates and helps build ventures focused on global growth, 360 digital strategies, sustainable innovation, Blockchain, Fintech, AI and new emerging business models such as ICOs / tokenomics.

Dinis is the founder/CEO of ztudium / blocksdna / lifesdna – one AI P2P, fintech, blockchain, search engine and PaaS in consumer wellness healthcare and life style with a global team of experts and universities.

Dinis has created various companies namely Ztudium, a tech, digital and AI blockchain startup that builds cutting edge software, big data insights, publishes,, and among others.

Dinis is the author of various books. His upcoming books “Blockchain, AI and Crypto Economics – The Next Tsunami?” and “Tokenomics and ICOs – How to be good at the new digital world of finance / Crypto” will be launched in 2018.

Some of the companies Dinis created or has been involved have reached over 1 USD billions in valuation. Dinis has advised and was responsible for some top financial organisations, 100 cryptocurrencies worldwide and Fortune 500 companies.

Dinis is involved as a strategist, board member and advisor with the payments, lifestyle, blockchain reward community app Glance technologies, for whom he built the blockchain messaging / payment / loyalty software Blockimpact, the seminal Hyperloop Transportations project, Kora and blockchain cybersecurity Privus.

He is listed in various global fintech, blockchain, AI, social media industry top lists as an influencer in position top 10/20 within 100 rankings:

Top People In Blockchain | Cointelegraph .

He has been a lecturer at Copenhagen Business School, Groupe INSEEC/Monaco University and other leading world universities.

He is a shareholder of the fintech social money transfer app Moneymailme and math edutech gamification children’s app Gozoa. Between 2014 and 2015 he was involved in creating a a digital bank between Asia and Africa as Chief Commercial Officer and Marketing Officer responsible for all legal, tech and business development. Between 2009 and 2010 he was the founder of one of the world first fintech, social trading platforms for Saxo Bank. In 2011 he created the B2B platforms and with Jamie Burke.

He has been working with the likes of  UN / UNITAR, UNESCO, European Space Agency, Philips, Saxo Bank, Mastercard, Barclays to name a few. He has been advising governments and regulators all over the world. Dinis holds a BA, from Lisbon University, a Master from London South Bank University and attended the Blockchain Strategy Programme at Oxford Said Business School.

Photo of Michael Norman DaCosta Babb
Michael Norman DaCosta Babb
COO at Ztudium / IntelligentHQ

Michael Norman DaCosta Babb is the COO and Partner of Ztudium / He has worked within the creative industries for over twenty years. He is also VP of ATTIC which consults to tech companies and works within the areas of innovation and creativity. His specialist knowledge covers the commerce, academia, media and policy making.
In the past Michael has worked with many major brands and institutions including PlayStation, Nike, X Box, MTV, Diageo, Cockspur Rum, Interbrew, BMW, Tate Modern, Channel 4, SONAR, Red Bull, Nokia and the ICA. He also has a significant media track record having worked for City Limits, RPM (MIRO), Generator, Tank Girl, Deadline, Observer Life magazine, Art & Architecture Journal and Labkultur.TV
In 2009 Michael was appointed founder CEO of Creative Industries Portugal which was funded by the Ministry of Economy. The agency entered many international networks including ECBN. In 2010 he became president of the Etic and Ipa creative schools in Lisbon, Portugal.
Michael currently lectures on the Creative industries Management Masters at Catolica University in Porto. He is also a start up mentor for MIT Portugal. In the past he has worked for Mother Advertising in the UK and JWT in Portugal.
In 2013 Michael participated in the Wheelock College, Boston 125th anniversary conference in the US and co-facilitated Forum D’Avignon Ruhr in Essen, Germany. In 2003 he co-hosted the World Creative Forum at Bloomberg in London.
Michael is a governor of Soho Parish school in London, a trustee of IXIA the UK Public Art Think Tank and is a founder member of the European Creative Industries Policy Academy. He is also a founder jury member of the EU Commission @Diversity Culture Technology competition.

Photo of Maria Fonseca
Maria Fonseca
Associate Editor Ztudium / IntelligentHQ

Maria Fonseca is an Associate Editor and infographic artist for IntelligentHQ. She specialises in story telling, infographics, self development, life-style, leadership, film and creative industries. Aside from the articles, interviews and content she writes for IntelligentHQ,  Maria Fonseca is also a visual artist and filmmaker that has exhibited widely in international events such as Manifesta 5, Sao Paulo Biennial, Photo Espana and many others. She is finishing her PhD on essayistic filmmaking , taken at University of Westminster in London.

Photo of Sean Mac Uighilín
Sean Mac Uighilín
Head of Business Development Ztudium – IntelligentHQ

With over 22 years’ experience working between the financial markets and the internet marketing sector Sean has a unique and in depth knowledge of the inner workings of both sectors.  After working with industry leaders such as Saxo Bank in the online investment arena, Sean then took positions with Move Ahead Media and Smart traffic as a Campaign director. Both companies were forerunners in the development of the online marketing, SEO and Social media marketing markets. Sean has an in depth knowledge and experience in Trading, Investment and business development.

Photo of Alexander Aranda
Alexander Aranda
Chief Information Officer IntelligentHQ / ZTUDIUM

Alexander Aranda, search engine specialist, SEO and online strategy. Alex started his online career shortly after graduating from University College London by setting up a company developing, marketing and selling brands online. His passion, knowledge and understanding of the online sector brought him into contact with some of the biggest online brands and in some of the most competitive sectors, including travel, finance and online betting.

Alexander has worked closely with his own team as well as with big brands on a creative and technical level, giving him an exceptional insight into the inner workings of companies as well as gaining an unrivaled edge over his peers. Such experiences have given Alex the opportunity to become one of the top search engine optimisers in the UK.

With a passion for learning and education Alexander has started to work closely with educational institutions with a view to becoming a speaker and educator on web related topics, entrepreneurship and business.

One of Alex’s key areas of interest is social media and the use of social media for business, in particular Twitter which has become one of his specialist areas of knowledge. Follow Alexander on his twitter account @ThinkBusiness.

Photo of Ismael Doico
Ismael Doico
Head of development of IntelligentHQ / ZTUDIUM

A developer passionate about what he does. Experienced in developing web applications and websites. Has worked on large projects as and the last years. Experienced in developing applications through technologies like C#.Net, PHP, jQuery, Javascript, XML and CSS. Integration with databases like MySQL, MSSQL and Oracle.

Photo of Fidan Aliyeva
Fidan Aliyeva
Global Project manager leadership and energy MBA specialist IntelligentHQ / ZTUDIUM

As Associate Publisher and Editor on Ztudium, Fidan Aliyeva’s background experience is in senior level leadership and international Oil and Gas industry, working in big energy Multinationals close to CEOs and Boards project managing global projects. With a MBA in Oil and Gas Management from the University of Dundee, Scotland, Fidan moved from her home country Azerbaijan to the UK.

In the last years she has been working, researching and writing about micro and macro trends in energy, oil and gas industry and sector. She has a passion for oil and gas industry, its challenges, geopolitical, environmental, IT and tech other global concerns that affect lifestyle of nations. She also writes and researches about management and leadership. Fidan is the founder the website

Follow her in twitter @petro_analytics or

Photo of Ghislaine Boddington
Ghislaine Boddington
Chief Creative Research Officer Ztudium

With 25 years of research and work she is global pioneer, thought leader and businesswoman in the areas of full body telepresence and full body responsive technologies, Ghislaine stands at the crossroads between telepresence, motion capture, social medias, wearable computing and virtual worlds. She is the creater and founder of body>data>space – a design unit organisation based in Tech City, London.

Ghislaine is also the Co-Founder and Director of Women Shift Digital conference and educational programme for women and men, designed to celebrate women in digital careers, network the networks and influence the influencers. The first conference premiered in the UK at Level39 in November 2013. Ghislaine has a long press and public speaking record, she chairs and keynotes regularly at events/conferences having presented in over 30 countries worldwide since the mid nineties, most recently in China, USA and East Europe.

She is regularly featured on tv, radio and in the press, giving thought shifting inputs to BBC Business World, BBC Click and the New Scientist amongst others on topics ranging from body technologies, women in technology, intercultural connectivity and co-creation methodologies and was a finalist on the Drum / She Says Woman of the Year 2014 awards. She has been working with Royal National Theatre, Level 39, FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology), NESTA, EU Culture Programme, Arts Council England, Middlesex University, NESTA, UKTI, QA, Taylor Wessing.

Photo of Paula Newton
Paula Newton
Ztudium / IntelligentHQ

Paula Newton is a business writer, editor and management consultant with extensive experience writing and consulting for both start-ups and long established companies. She has ten years management and leadership experience gained at BSkyB in London and Viva Travel Guides in Quito, Ecuador, giving her a depth of insight into innovation in international business. With an MBA from the University of Hull and many years of experience running her own business consultancy, Paula’s background allows her to connect with a diverse range of clients, including cutting edge technology and web-based start-ups but also multinationals in need of assistance. Paula has played a defining role in shaping organizational strategy for a wide range of different organizations, including for-profit, NGOs and charities. Paula has also served on the Board of Directors for the South American Explorers Club in Quito, Ecuador.

Photo of Hayden Richards
Hayden Richards
Contributor IntelligentHQ / ZTUDIUM

Hayden Richards is Contributor of IntelligentHQ. He specialises in finance, trading, investment, and technology, with expertise in both buy-side, sell-side. Contributing and advising various global corporations, Hayden is a thought leader, researching on global regulatory subjects, digital, social media strategies and new trends for Businesses, Capital Markets and Financial Services.

Aside from the articles, interviews and content he writes for IntelligentHQ, Hayden is also a content curator for capital markets, analytic platforms and  business industry emerging trends. An avid new media explorer Hayden is driven by a passion for business development, innovation, social business, Tech Trading, payments and eCommerce. A native Trinidadian, Hayden is also a veteran, having served with the Royal Air Force Reserves for the past 10 years.

Follow Hayden on Twitter @HaydenARichards, and