Software tools to use if you hire dedicated development team

Use these tools if you hire dedicated development team

Hiring dedicated development team has become a tendency in the modern business world as this model has dozens of benefits for companies that work in a wide range of industries. Today among the businesses that hire dedicated development teams, there are startups, small firms, medium-sized organizations, as well as huge corporations. But finding and hiring good developers is only the tip of the iceberg. It is much more challenging to manage such a team and efficiently organize all the processes. To help you cope with these tasks, we have prepared a list of software tools that will be very useful for you if you decide to hire dedicated development team.

Software tools to use if you hire dedicated development team

What is a dedicated development team?

Before we proceed to the list of tools that will help you to work with remote developers, let’s focus on the concept itself. When you hire dedicated development team, you get a team of programmers who are fully focused on your project and work just as if they were your employees but officially they are hired by an outsourcing company. And that’s an outsourcing company that is responsible for all administrative and payroll tasks. You as a client just establish cooperation with a company and provide your requirements for a team composition based on the needs of your project.

Dedicated development teams are usually very flexible. When you have already started your work on a project and then see that you need additional skills, you can easily add new team members. At the same time, when you see that you do not need some talents in the team anymore, you can seamlessly reduce the number of team members without breaking any inside processes.

As a rule, such teams work fully remotely. Moreover, when you hire dedicated development team, very often this form of cooperation can be described as offshore outsourcing, which means that you and your team may be based in completely different time zones. Is it a disaster? Definitely not. Maybe it is a little bit unpleasant but definitely not a disaster. In any case, you always will be able to find an hour or two for conducting meetings. And for other tasks (such as reporting, progress tracking, etc.), it is not required to stay online 24/7, especially when you have modern software tools intended for the efficient organization of remote teams’ work.

There are different types of software solutions that are of great importance for remote work organization (communication tools, calendars, filing sharing systems, etc.) and it is crucial to implement them in your work processes. Namely thanks to them, you can ensure full visibility of the entire progress and make all the processes clear to all team members.

Please have a look at the list of tools that we recommend you use if you are planning to hire dedicated development team.

Software tools for managing dedicated development teams

Below you will find the key categories of tools with examples.

  • Tools for communication. You should stay in contact with your team and different messengers are the best kind of communication tools. Among the most popular examples of such apps in the business world, we can name Skype, Slack, and Microsoft Teams. These apps allow users not only to send messages and different files but also to make calls. Moreover, using them, you can also create chats and send messages to the entire team at the same time as well as discuss different issues together.
  • Apps for video conferencing. When you do not have any possibility to communicate with developers offline, video conferences can become a good choice. They are very comfortable for virtual meetings and usually offer possibilities to share a screen during the conference and to ask questions via an online chat. Usually, companies use Zoom or Google Meet.
  • Team calendar. Such tools as Calendly and Google Calendar help to facilitate scheduling and make coordination activities simpler and less time-consuming. Calendars can also send notifications to participants of the scheduled events which is very convenient, especially when users have a very busy timetable.
  • Tools for team and project management. These apps are necessary for assigning tasks, tracking everyday activities, and making sure that all members of a development team clearly understand what and when they should do. Jira, Trello, and Asana are among the most widely used solutions of this kind. Such systems are also used for team management. For example, these apps can provide a possibility to easily apply for sick leave or vacation which also ensures tracking of the current team state. Thanks to such features, project managers can always know who is available and what tasks can be performed in the nearest future.
  • Knowledge base. To this category, we can refer the well-known Google Docs, Confluence, Microsoft 365, and Miro. They help to keep project documents well-organized and visible to all team members. Some users can get permissions to edit information or to create new documents for sharing important information with others. Such solutions can be integrated into project management systems which makes their use even more convenient.
  • File sharing system. Cloud-based services like Google Drive and Dropbox ensure simple data-sharing processes among team members. They allow users to organize folders and files in an efficient way and make them accessible to everyone. You can also set some restrictions to make sure that only your team members will be able to view and/or edit files.

This list includes only the most popular positions among software tools that can be used when you have remote programmers. However, the specificity of your project may require using some other solutions. So, do not hesitate to offer them to your team.

When you know how to hire software developers and how to manage remote teams, it’s time to start looking for the best programmers for your project. Today there are a lot of outsourcing companies that offer their services on the market. And though there is a great number of highly professional teams, there are also many dishonest players. That’s why, please, be very attentive while making your choice. Read reviews and analyze portfolios. And always ask questions before establishing cooperation.

We wish you good luck and hope that you will hire dedicated development team that will fully meet your requirements!