Social Media Trend for 2013: the Adaptive Organization

Earlier this week I wrote about adaptive strategy as a response to the current business environment. I came across a presentation by Charlene Li (Altimeter Group) on social media trends in 2013. Adaptive strategy and resilience are underlying due to social media. To be really successful the organizational structure, culture needs to be in place to be optimally effective.

The first thing that caught me eye was one of the last slides in Charlene Li’s presentation:


I think the order should have been reversed to show real resilience and adaptiveness. It begins with business trategy that eventually directs and informs social media deployments (or not).

Charlene Li has defined Converged Media as: Content Marketing + Native Advertising + Real Time Marketing


The 11 success criteria of converged media as defined by Charlene Li:


This is the slide that –for me- is the starting point. The will and ability to (re)organize marketing for agility and resilience. If that’s not in the DNA, it’s really hard to execute properly social media.



Great presentation with lots of information. The thing I miss in many of these presentations, models and what more is the underlying change management implications. It’s a bit too mechanical, to focussed on processes and technologies, leaving out the human capital and organizational (soft) impacts.

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