7 Top Skills for Social Media Excellence

Social media is disruptive and key to understand the contemporary world and the social paths we move. Many studies have been highlighting the emergence of social media as a key enabler to create jobs and new business opportunities. Therefore having advanced social media skills is something any professional should nurture. Special try to be excellent in Social Media skills can open significative doors.

Social media brought with it a radical innovation and change that has created as much opportunities as dilemma for professionals and senior executives. There is no doubt that as social media brings immense new possibilities, special new ways to get information, knowledge or education, the inherent issues and risks it creates are partly uncertainty and mostly unease to manage.

By nature social media is a 360 degree operations landscape full of fast evolving platforms, tools and profiles. It is unbridled, as these new social media communications media skills can let internal and privileged information suddenly go public virally.

What’s more with social media is that there’s a mismatch between the logic of conventional one ways channel of pushing content and messaging that somehow conflicts with the participatory media and the still-reigning 20th-century model of communication and management within organisations.

Social media is therefore massive disruptive and gets people out of box with its emphasis on non linear processes and multiple sources and forms of control. Forms that use most of word of mouth and viral techniques, partly leveraged by algorithms and other machine learning semantic data.

Social media is a set of powerful assets that encourages a complete horizontal collaboration focus. It obliges professionals to manage unscripted conversations that are able to travel in random series of out of control paths across media, management hierarchies and brand and profile perception.

It is thereby a critical focus on professionals to look at social media, understand their skill sets to understand and manage the eventual short-circuits established that creates new innovative power dynamics and traditional lines of communication.

According to Business Insider, social is now the most time-intensive activity. Their study showed that Americans use social media for 37 minutes a day, and this is greater than the time spent on any other internet activity. This means that for all businesses, getting a handle on social media and forming a worthwhile presence is essential to success. But have you ever wondered exactly how to master social media?

Some companies have taken the field by storm. One such company is Starbucks. As Howard Schultz the Chairman and CEO of Starbucks explains:

“Everything that we thought was in our control no longer was. But within a year we had invested in social media and digital experts. Now Starbucks is the number one brand on Facebook”.

But what does it take to command that kind of presence?

There are 7 top skills that any social media whizz has to fine tune. These are the skills to:

1. Involve

– the ability to involve people and to collaborate is a skill intrinsic to all good social media marketers. The best of the best understand that that people want to be involved with the brand. James Murdoch, Chairman and CEO for News Corporation in Europe and Asia explains that “Connectivity doesn’t just mean you get a lot more chances to deliver messages about customer service and pricing plans. This isn’t one-sided. It enables people to talk back”. Understanding this and being able to respond to it is key.

2. Engage

– building engagement with customers starts with empathising with customers and understanding their needs. All too many businesses spam their customers by making it all about themselves. The ability to turn this idea around and see the business from the customer’s perspective is critical. Customers don’t want a sales spiel on their social networks. Instead they want to understand what you’re doing for them and why they should engage with you.

3. Adapt

– excellence in social media is flexible thinking and an adaptable approach. Being able to react quickly and jump on opportunities as they arise is important so that the brand is perceived to be topical and relevant. Sticking to a rigid plan with an inability to change and go with the flow just won’t cut it.

7 Top Skills for Social Media

4. Provoke thought

– social media marketers that write in a simple and concise style but deliver profound, thought-inspiring messages are those that will rule.

5. Entertain

– like it or not, on social media your customers want to be entertained. A quick wit and a good sense of humour will endear customers to the brand. Of course, this entertainment must be thoughtful and sensitive, and critically, inclusive.

6. Show attention to detail

– this one is a little dull but absolutely essential for success. Make a grammatical, spelling or other mistake on social media and your customers will be all over it in a flash. This will not raise your profile and will only serve to damage the brand. Get your facts right, use the spell checker and think about how your message might be read by others.

7. Follow up

– leaving customers hanging, not responding to messages and just never getting back to them is a sure-fire turn off on social media. The skill of always following up on important points raised by customers to continue to nurture to build relationships is one great way to keep customers engaged in your posts.

A Running Start with Social Media Infographic by FisherVista

A Running Start with Social Media Infographic by FisherVista