Small Twitter Changes Can Boost Your Business

Small Twitter Changes Can Boost Your Business

Social media has become a powerful tool in the arsenal of many businesses, and Twitter is no exception. Here are some of the best ways you can use Twitter to take your business, big or small, to the next level.

Use lists – twitter changes for business

The “list” feature on Twitter is very useful to businesses. When you start to follow more and more people, the posts from people in your personal life will get intermixed with those from your business world, and things will get lost.

Twitter lists allow you to group the people you follow into lists, such as customers, clients, industry professionals, etc. This allows you to focus on tweets from certain groups of people and decide what you want to see, so tweets from important people don’t get lost in the shuffle. Twitter allows you to create many different lists. Use them.

Create a great profile picture – twitter changes for business

Your profile picture may seem insignificant, but it’s actually the opposite. It appears next to every tweet you send, which means those who see your tweets will start to associate your picture with your business.

If you are going to use your logo as your profile picture, make sure it fits into the square size and that it is easy to read. If not, you may want to switch instead to a headshot. This may even help to increase your credibility, as it makes your business feel approachable.

Focus on your branding

With Twitter, you can customize the look and colours of your Twitter profile page. You can also have a company like Spiel Creative help you to create a custom graphic that you can use for your Twitter background. These small changes will help you to stand out from the crowd on Twitter.

Beef up your bio – twitter changes for business

Your Twitter profile bio is your chance to tell your business story – briefly. You’ll have to be economical with your words if you want to fit everything into that tiny space. Use your bio to tell what you do, explain what you offer and let your (professional) personality shine. If you haven’t updated your bio I a while, it might be time for a fresh look.

Create a landing page – twitter changes for business

A Twitter landing page is a page on your website designed to introduce people who click through to your website from Twitter to your business. It’s like the website equivalent of a Walmart greeter, someone there to welcome your visitors into the fold.

Elements your Twitter landing page should include are: a personal message, info about your products/services, and information on how visitors can become customers.

Re-evaluate who you follow – twitter changes for business

Don’t automatically follow back everyone who follows you. Otherwise, your feed will very quickly fill up with junk. Don’t follow anyone who doesn’t have a profile picture – they are probably a bot. don’t follow an account that follows lots of people but only has a few followers – they are probably a spammer. Finally, don’t follow people who don’t tweet regularly.

Use Twitter to promote, promote, promote! – twitter changes for business

Offering a Twitter-only sale or special, or otherwise rewarding people who follow you is a great way to encourage people to follow you and to keep following you.