Siemens Is The Leading Industrial Metaverse Provider, According To PAC RADAR

  • Industry analyst firm recognizes Siemens for clear strategy, broad portfolio and successful commitment to industrial metaverse.
  • Siemens manager Virginie Maillard elected to the Metaverse Standards Forum’s board of directors.
Siemens Is The Leading Industrial Metaverse Provider, According To PAC RADAR

Siemens is the leading international provider in the growing industrial metaverse market, according to the latest PAC RADAR from PAC, the renowned market research company specializing in business software, IT services and digital transformation. This rating is based on three aspects: a clear strategy, an existing portfolio and the progress Siemens is making in this area.

The industrial metaverse is strongly centered around the interaction of people with and around digital models of complex industrial operations. PAC considers Siemens as the leading vendor in this space today. No other vendor has launched more new functions and capabilities designed to move towards the industrial metaverse in the past 12 months”, said Arnold Vogt, Head of Digital Innovation & IoT, PAC.

In June 2022, Siemens announced its strategic ambition to enable the industrial metaverse through solutions that are part of the Siemens Xcelerator open digital business platform. These solutions include software for creating and managing digital twins, the physics-based, continually updated models that form the building blocks of the industrial metaverse. To accelerate development of the industrial metaverse, Siemens is collaborating with partners within the Siemens Xcelerator ecosystem, including NVIDIA, AWS and Microsoft, whose technologies were leveraged to produce an immersive, working model of a proposed battery gigafactory for Norwegian battery company Freyr, as part of an industrial metaverse showcase for the 2023 Hannover Messe. Using a comprehensive digital twin of the factory enables the company’s employees to interact with each other and with the machines across the entire product, production and service lifecycle.


Playing field of the future: The industrial metaverse

The emergent industrial metaverse will allow people to better collaborate and test real objects and processes in an immersive, intuitive, real-time environment, just as in the real world. Experts can be engaged remotely, and plant planning & optimization will become much easier, faster and more accurate, saving resources and reducing emissions. As a result, the industrial metaverse is making a concrete contribution to meeting real challenges such as climate protection, demographic change and resource efficiency.

Siemens also uses these technologies as part of designing and manufacturing a range of products at various locations around the world. As part of the previously announced €500 million investment in Erlangen, Germany, Siemens will expand development and manufacturing capacities and establish Erlangen as a global research & development hub and nucleus for the development of technology to enable the industrial metaverse.

PAC has also recently named Siemens as a “Best-in-Class” platform vendor in two Industrial IoT categories (for industrial cloud applications and industrial edge management) and “Leading Edge” for sustainability platforms as part of recent PAC RADAR reports.

Siemens supports the development of common standards worldwide

To further promote openness and collaboration and support the development of industry-wide standards, Siemens is also involved in the establishment of the Metaverse Standards Forum. This organization – which includes technology companies such as Microsoft and NVIDIA – is committed to developing common standards for an open and inclusive metaverse. As a founding member, Siemens is now taking on special responsibility here: Virginie Maillard, Head of Siemens Technology for the U.S. and Head of Technology Field Simulation and Digital Twin at Siemens, has been elected to the Metaverse Standards Forum’s board of directors.

Report on the emergent industrial metaverse

Together with MIT Technology Review, Siemens has researched the development and opportunities of the rapidly developing industrial metaverse. The result of this collaboration is a comprehensive report on the potential of the emergent industrial metaverse. This report compiles the most recent research results in this field and includes interviews with leading technologists, industry analysts, business leaders and researchers.