Should I use a VPN for my Cryptocurrency Transactions?

Cryptocurrencies have reshaped the financial landscape. Whether it’s billionaires snatching up millions of dollars worth of Bitcoin or internet movements that manage to send ripples throughout the world’s financial sectors, cryptocurrencies have upset the status quo.

As with all unregulated services that handle potentially obscene amounts of money, the risk of danger is high. If you don’t take your online privacy and safety seriously, you could wake up one morning to find your e-wallet ransacked. The best way to cover yourself with another layer of armor is to invest and find a VPN online.

We currently recommend NordVPN, as it has the best coverage and reputation on the market. It offers a lot of other necessary features that can keep your e-wallet untouched by anyone but yourself. We’ll go into those with more detail below. If you’re already sold on NordVPN, you can subscribe today and save up to 65% on the 2-year plan.

Mobile device using vpnWhat can a VPN do for me?

The issue with cryptocurrency is that there is no regulation or safety net to watch your back. Unfortunately, the crypto industry is still so young and unpredictable that forming a regulatory board is still probably far down the pipeline for a lot of governments. If a bank or insurance firm looks like they’re about to collapse, more often than not, government financial aid will keep the company afloat. Some of these institutions have centuries of history and government legislation behind them.

This safety net doesn’t exist for the infant crypto industry. If your money is stolen, that’s it. That’s why you need to take every precaution possible to make sure you don’t get targeted or robbed by hackers. This is where a VPN comes in.

Protect yourself with NordVPN now

Privacy like never before

Anyone with any tech knowledge will tell you that everything is safe so long as the website you’re using is supported by HTTPS. After all, HTTPS is secure and automatically encrypts your activity on the site. The first mistake is believing that this is protection enough.

With a VPN active while browsing the net, you’re essentially wrapped up in a location-defying disguise. All you have to do is connect to a server that isn’t in your home country. Anyone trying to spy on you will find the IP address of the server you’re connected to masquerading as your own. It’s not just hackers that won’t be able to find you. Government agencies, advertisers and even your ISP can’t see what you’re up to or where you are.

OK, so a hacker can’t see me online. So what? The very presence of a VPN is enough of a deterrent for some cybercriminals. For example, NordVPN’s encryption is the same strength as that used by Silicon Valley tech giants. As soon as a hacker sniffs out you’re protected behind the guise of a VPN, they’ll move on. It’s just not worth the effort when they could find easier targets in less tech-savvy individuals.

Kill switch safety net

When it comes to choosing a VPN for the sole purpose of protecting your e-wallet, you need to make sure it has a kill switch feature. It’s the final line in the sand and the last resort used to protect your money. As soon as the connection between the VPN server and your device or computer is interrupted, your access to the internet is automatically and temporarily cut.

This is the perfect tool when used in tandem with pro-privacy measures. Once there’s the threat of your actual IP address being exposed, the kill switch should activate. It makes it a nightmare for anyone trying to zero in on your data and physical location.

Trustworthy service

A no-logs policy is one of the most important features a VPN service should have and the main reason you should turn away from any ‘free’ VPN. The offer of a free service is enticing for all of us, but take a moment to think about how that service affords to stay afloat despite giving away their software for free.

A general rule of thumb: if the product is free, then that normally means you are the product. Free VPN services will log your activity and data, then sell it on to third parties. More often than not, your data is sold to advertisers. Wondering why your browser keeps popping up with items you were just looking at on Amazon? It’s because your free VPN service told them.

Why NordVPN?

NordVPN’s combination of top-tier encryption, pro-privacy measures, and no-logs policy makes it the best choice for anyone looking to protect their crypto wallet. One account will cover up to 6 devices, so you can feel free to safely trade wherever you want, on whatever device.

Now’s your chance to invest in NordVPN. If you sign up for a 2-year plan, you’ll be saving 65%. Don’t wait until it’s too late — be proactive in your online safety and subscribe today.

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