Securing Your Home for Winter

Securing Your Home for Winter
Securing Your Home for Winter

You might have noticed that the mornings and evenings are getting a little darker; winter is finally on its way. With the clocks going back at the end of October, and the likes of Bonfire Night and Halloween only around the corner, the change in season is well and truly underway.

The extended length of darker hours, due to the time of year, means that you should be thinking about the amount of security in place surrounding your home or even place of work. Properties can be more vulnerable at this time of year, thanks to thieves taking cover in the dark. This is particularly important as we get closer to Christmas too.

It’s important that you prioritise your home’s security all year round, but during the winter months you may be at bigger risk of a burglary. After all, it’ll soon be the season to swap gifts, socialise with friends and travel to visit family. With that in mind, there are some tips and advice you can follow to secure your home and feel more at ease through the winter months!

Installing helpful equipment

If you haven’t already, then installing a house alarm is an absolute essential. Not only do they act as a visual deterrent to any potential thieves, but they will go off and alert you in someone does break into your home. Modern alarm systems can alert you straight away through your smartphone, or even access an alarm camera through a connected app.

Wireless alarms are becoming the go-to choice for their hassle-free set up and modern features; just remember that they need batteries to keep them powered up! Surveillance of this kind can help to put your mind at rest while you’re out and about.

Similarly, you might want to consider the modern doorbell gadgets that are now available. Many smart doorbells now have the capabilities to offer two-way microphones, motion detection and a built-in camera. This can help you keep an eye on your property, whether you’re at home or out!

Check your doors and windows

It sounds menial, but so many burglaries happen through your front door or windows. It’s critical to check the condition of your front door and make sure it is sturdy. The hinges should be in good condition, and the frame should be strong.

If you have a letterbox, make sure you don’t hang your keys nearby; many burglars will use a device through the letterbox to grab your keys from a nearby hook or table.

Equally, your windows should be kept shut if you’re out or if you’re upstairs. Many insurance policies will require your windows to be locked when not open. This is why it is a good idea to have burglar alarms in place!

Be resourceful

If you are going away for the weekend to visit friends and family, or you’re out for the night for the likes of Bonfire Night or Halloween, create an illusion that someone is home. Leave some lights on, including outside lights, or perhaps the radio. Many people choose to install a timer on their lights to further create the impression that someone is in.

Lastly, if you know your neighbours well, ask them to keep an eye on things and even leave them a key for emergencies, as well as a number to contact you on.

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