Entrepreneur’s Annual “100 Brilliant Companies” Releases Roundup Of Recent Giants In Small-Biz Community

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As new names continue to spring up on the small-biz scene every year, a constant influx of can’t-live-without products and services emerges. Their offerings cover the spectrum; some are flashy and complicated, others are simple yet powerful–all are original and inspiring. Entrepreneur‘s annual “100 Brilliant Companies” feature in the newly-released June issue celebrates a new batch of business ideas recently on the scene in 10 trending-up categories.

“The ‘100 Brilliant’ is a roundup of what great entrepreneurs are doing now and what’s possible to create,” says Amy Cosper, VP and editor in chief of Entrepreneur magazine. “You can’t help but feel energized by them. It’s enlightening to see such innovation in one collection, and not to mention, motivation to act on a stellar idea before someone else does it first.”

Some ideas are grand, such as the production company Syyn Labs, which has brought to life multimillion dollar projects for indie rock groups, the Super Bowl and other big-name companies through a technology medium. Clients go to them to create a spectacle and delight an audience, making Syyn Labs’ creative projects noteworthy in the tech category. Other ideas may be brilliant in their simplicity, including Coffee Joulies’ thermodynamic stones that keep the drink warm for hours. Still others provide important solutions to longstanding problems, such as Tonic Health’s virtual platform for increased patient engagement and better insights for doctors into an individual’s health history.

The 2012 “100 Brilliant” feature welcomes the new “geek chic” category for companies with a retro hipster appeal. Returning categories such as tech, apps, health and travel are back with the freshest faces in each.

To read the complete feature and more examples of brilliance, pick up a copy of the June issue on sale at newsstands now.

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