Reliable Ways to Increase Sales Conversion Rates with Online Screen Sharing

Reliable Ways to Increase Sales Conversion Rates with Online Screen Sharing

We all know that computers have made possible feats that, 50 years ago, would have been dismissed as impossible science fiction. Even more than most of the miraculous tasks modern computers can pull off, though, screen sharing is truly incredible. The ability for someone working on a computer to link up with someone on another computer thousands of miles away and share their entire digital experience, pixel for pixel, at the same moment as it is actually happening, is the pinnacle of global social media technologies. The possibilities of the revolutionary technology do not end with social benefits, however. Screen sharing is also a fantastic marketing tool that will help you increase sales conversion rates when used. Several of the key reasons for this are outlined below.

    • Recreate the In-Store Experience – One of the biggest issues with trying to sell something in a traditional online marketplace as opposed to in a store is that you lose the ability to interact in real-time with the customer. In stores, the customers can ask you questions, inspect the product, and use other methods to familiarize themselves with the product and become more comfortable with buying it. You, the seller, can point out specific features of the product and generally make them more likely to make the transaction. Modern screen share technologies are changing the way online sales are conducted, however, and online representatives now have the option to interact in real-time with their customers – and reap all the benefits those live interactions bring with them – if they use a screen sharing program.
    • Demonstrate the Product in Action – Another major issue with traditional eCommerce shopping is that the customer cannot actually see the product or how it is used before buying it; they have to go with whatever the product page says it does based on faith. Screen sharing enables you to easily share videos, presentations, and even live webcam streams in order to show the customer how a product works. Take advantage of how easy it is to share any content on demand, and show them the product being used in order to increase their trust in the product.
    • Build a Personal Relationship – It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know someone is more likely to buy something if they feel a personal bond (even if it is a relatively shallow bond) with the seller, and the fact that you can literally share in the shopping experience with the customer allows you to create that bond. You will be able to put a face to your product’s name with live video sharing, walk the customer through and portions of the sale they might be confused about, and use other interpersonal techniques to provide a more intimate, personable experience. If you can establish a positive rapport with potential buyers, you will be creating an additional way for customers to bond to your product and, consequently, you will see your sales conversion rates skyrocket.
    • Keep a Constant Stream of Attention – When a customer is viewing a traditional eCommerce page, his attention may be caught initially but then drift elsewhere. With screen share software, you have the advantage of coming in contact with the customer, and you can then hold their attention yourself. In other words, instead of allowing the customer to allow his attention to drift wherever, you can guide their attention by maintaining a continuous focused dialogue. With you there to guide them towards the sale, customers will be much more likely to make the purchase.
    • Engage Both Sides of the Brain – Most online marketing pages can somewhat stimulate the left brain (the part of the brain in charge of logic) by providing product specs and data, and can barely stimulate the right brain (the part of the brain in charge of emotion). Screen sharing lets you appeal to both brain portions much more effectively. The left side can be spoken to more easily with the use of graphs, charts, presentations, web pages, and graphics that can be shared at the click of a button. The right side is can be swayed through the personal relationship you can build with the customer, a topic touched on above. Engaging the entire brain and pointing it towards the sale is an extremely powerful thing, and it will bring your sales conversion rates through the roof.

Screen sharing gurus at companies such as Bluejeans make it easy for you to learn about screen sharing software and get ready to pass the knowledge on to your customers. By learning screen sharing with Bluejeans network, you will add to your professional arsenal and give your business’s marketing the shot in the arm it needs to bring in more sales.

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