Reinventing Democracy

Reinventing Democracy

If you think our political systems are broken then you are not alone. There’s a growing frustration at the state of our democracies. Many feel their interests are rarely represented and there’s a sense that our current systems are leading us towards greater division rather than enabling people to come together to tackle the enormous challenges the world faces today.

However, there are seeds of hope. Innovative ways of doing democracy are popping up everywhere.

Reinventing Democracy is a new YouTube channel created by Andy Paice dedicated to investigating people, organisations and movements from the UK and around the globe who are working to upgrade our democratic systems so that they’re fit for the realities of the 21st century.

In this first interview Andy Paice interviews Indra Adnan and Pat Kane, co-founders of  a new political platform called The Alternative UK. Its aim is to completely reimagine what politics is all about. Think values rather than ideology and creativity, dramatics, music and people participation rather than drab debate.

Indra is the author of the Soft Power Network, a political consultant and psychotherapist. Pat Kane is the founding curator of Future Fest, author of The Play Ethic and a professional musician.

Watch the video here:

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